Kruber's Sword and Shield Combo causes split second visual bug

Quickly doing Kruber’s Push attack into Heavy attack with the Sword and Shield causes the animation to go crazy for a fraction of a second, this is really distracting and annoying, since this is a headshot combo that you’ll be doing a ton.


Can you record it ? Because I don’t see anything wrong with it

Is this the same issue you’re having, @migueloliveira140298?
If so, Rebel included a video in his post. @Perteks


Oh wow yeah, I clearly don’t play with shields often that didn’t see that, somehow I ignored it totally, countingh that plank and sword have more than one of that dumb animtions

Oh boy, a few more months and we’ll be able to celebrate the anniversary of this bug, how exciting!

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Will there be cake? :cake: :partying_face:


yeah it’s that one, sorry i tried to record it but i was having trouble, i tried to find more posts about it but i didn’t find any so i posted this, guess i missed one, sorry :frowning:

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Don’t be sorry, we’re a community. We slay rats together and we report bugs together.
At least you tried. :+1:
Lots of people don’t even bother with the search.

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