Krubers FK ultra unable to activate

Issue Summary:
Being surrounded or pinned up against an object makes it 100% impossible to activate ultra most of the time. Animation begins, but is interrupted just as his voice lines for the ultra is voiced. The ultra stamina bar doesnt go down but stays as ready to use no matter how many times the ultra is being activated.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get pinned
  2. Activate ultra
  3. Activate ultra
  4. activate ultra
    5: etc
    Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
    constant (100%)

Additional Information:
Imagine a plane building company launching a plane with the same amount of issues VT2 has.

Mercenary? Huntsman? Footknight?
Kuber is a character not a career.

Sorry. Got so much FK time that I think of kruber as FK pr default

I changed the repoduction rate to 100% as it doesnt wok at all when cornered or surrounded under any circumstance.

As attacks will interrupt the wind-up of every activated ability, make sure you block before you start charging.

Can’t reproduce being unable to activate my charge while pinned against a wall or surrounded by groups of enemies.

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