Kruber Repeater Pistol Nerf

Was there any reason why FS thought this weapon was out of line? They just nerfed it on PS4 with the patch notes saying they removed the gun shooting all shots when held in alt fire. In reality they removed the double tap that let the gun shoot specials/elites at long range without the need to shoot and aim twice on legend. The gun has no new functionality, only removed tech, as it was previously possible to cancel the shooting of all shots anyways.

They always nerf something without notice which is really frustrating. Nerfing ult regen on shield bash profile. Nerfing how barrage stacks. I also don’t know why they are doing these. Maybe secret discord society suggested?

What about shield bash and barrage? First time hear about that

I don’t know about PS4 patch… but Rep Gun has pro and cons compared with every other Krub’s ranged weapons… it did not need a nerf.

They didnt nerf it,it’s an unfortunate byproduct of making Helborg’s Tutelage not multiproc per Blunderbuss/shield bash

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If there is one of those then either the forum veterans are not part of it or there is some Illuminati level conspiracy&acting going on…which seems silly given there are no actual profits for it.

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