Kruber Longbow crosshair/accuracy

As shown in the video, Kruber gains accuracy(crosshairs narrow) when holding RMB. If he continues to hold RMB, he will zoom in and the accuracy will worsen as the crosshairs widen. Unless there is a good or logical reason to do so, this shouldn’t be the case. The longbow should be most accurate when in the “zoomed in” stage.


I would say the reason behind that is, that a Longbow has a very high draweight. So Kruber starts shaking as soon as the bow is fully drawn back and loses accuracy.
But don’t ask me why the Bow already does max damage even before it is fully drawn :smiley:

I understand that from a realistic point of view, but what’s the point of having zoom on a ranged weapon if zooming will make you inaccurate and unable to hit anything at long range? As most people have pointed out the zoom is completely useless and something should be changed about it.

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Even from a “realistic” point of view, it is kinda bs. Even with a very high draw weight, you don’t start shaking immediately. Then again, you usually don’t let a bow drawn that long. But yeah, it doesn’t seem like it is properly thought through.

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Maybe retain accuracy for a moment as it zooms it, before it goes off?

I wouldn’t say its unrealistic. When i was bowshooting, my aim was defenitely bether with a bow that i could easely draw, than with a bow that was very hard to draw. Also trickshooter like lars andersen use bows with extremly low draweight to get their best results.
Modern composite bows also use certain mechanism so they are difficult to draw but easy to hold as soon as they are fully drawn, so youre aim is more steady.

Yeah to be honest i would remove the zoom on Krubers longbow. I don’t use it anyway.
Always shot before the zoom kicks in for maximum accuracy.
Thats also the reason why using this bow is so mutch fun for me.
The short time to aim makes it more difficult to use than kerrilians longbows, but you get rewarded by higher damage on armored targets. So i really like that bow shooting with kruber is very different to bow shooting with kerrilian.

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This sums up why I love Kruber Longbow mechanics. As far as we can tell it also intended since it has been in the game since Launch and no Dev has ever confirmed that it is bugged.

This is the second thread on this today.


The reason behind this is because and I am making an educated guess here… its very hard to draw back because of its size but it could cut straight through plate armor and travel very long distances traditionally. Its designed to emulate this. So if you managed to have the strength to draw it all the away the tension required by you to maintain this reduces the accuracy. That is my guess. The damage is supposed to be increased to compensate. The point is that he is supposed to be an armor penetrating specialist.

They nerfed him to hell so now not so apparent because its out of step with the visual. Please revert him back Fatshark.


Yeah, if they’re going to take away the advantage over WS (more power) they need to take away the disadvantage (less accuracy) too.

Either that or un-nerf the non-ult LB damage.


When I tested this some time ago, i noticed that the targeting reticule stays the same size relative to the size of your target and the level of zoom. That is, when I start aiming at a dummy’s head and it lines up exactly with the reticule, it still does after zooming. Of course, the widening reticule still feels weird (and truthfully, feels like you’re losing accuracy, even if it doesn’t actually happen), and I’m not entirely sure if it’s wholly indicative of the final spread. The zoom also doesn’t really help much, as your accuracy doesn’t improve with it, and your effective fov still gets reduced.

This was several updates ago, so it may have changed one way or another since then.

It does do that but the reticle doesn’t widen as fast as the target zooms, so you have a window where your accy is improved before it goes to that point of comparable width. I’m pretty sure the widening doesn’t start until near the end of the zoom transition, but I’d have to double check. This is one of the clunky reasons I don’t enjoy the class though.