Kruber Longbow ammo stealth nerf

Huntsman longbow used to have 41 arrows total, after 1.0.6, it has been reduced to 30. If this is bugged, please revert. Otherwise, see this thread as a rant about stealth nerfs.

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Not a stealth nerf, it was mentioned in today’s patch notes.


Reduced max ammo to 20, down from 27."

Huntsman Kruber has a +50% max ammo passive that isn’t mentioned anywhere for some reason, and you can’t use the longbow on Kruber’s careers that don’t have that passive, so that’s why the numbers aren’t obviously referring to Kruber’s longbow.

Doesnt really help that they just say “Longbow” and nerf both elf and kruber weapon at the same time.

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Well, they are both longbows…


Well tbh huntsman was almost playable so they had to do this in order to keep the game frustrating enough.

almost playable? huntsman is a really strong class.

I found this nerf hilarious - because it does nothing.
I have the ammo recovery on crit, and I can refill my entire ammo on a single wave.
Now I can’t refill it quite as high, but I rarely used up that much ammo outside of bosses. I do have to aim a bit more carefully at times now, but… eh, not too much of a difference. I think it hit elf way harder.

Then either make it “LongbowSSSSS” or make two separate entries to avoid confusion. Clear information in patch notes is important so posts like this one here dont have to be made.

Well, if you want another perk on your bow (I’ve been trying out ability recovery), you will be pretty sad. It actually forses you to have tha single ability, rather than try different stuff out. I hate it much more than elven bow nerf…

Yeh, there’s not really much in the way of choice.
You either get ammo on crit, with the crit bonus on HS talent, or ammo on headshot, with the extra ammo on headshot talent.
I’d prefer if those traits only triggered once per 0.5 seconds or some such.

Wtf? Huntsman (also WS) is outdated by top tier ranged meta, like Pyro and BH, that still have infinite ammunitions… this nerf is so nonsense. At least WS can recover ammo easily… huntsman needs headshots, but his weapons are thought to bodyshot.

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While this nerf seemed unneeded, I already ran scrounger on my bow, so this doesn’t affect me too badly. With the 25% extra crit chance on a headshot, and your active being on a much lower cooldown now, you can just pop your active on a horde and get a ton of ammo back.

Do shots while under the effects of huntsman’s skill count as critical hits and recover ammo with scrounger? I thought it was just plain 1.5x damage modifier.

They don’t, but shots under your active don’t consume ammo. So you get 6 seconds of free shots, with any headshots or crits that occur refilling your ammo (and with Huntsman potentially having 45% crit chance after a headshot, crits happen frequently vs hordes).