KNOWN ISSUE: "Frozen" Screen After Changing Window Mode

We are aware of and looking in to an issue where changing from Windowed → Fullscreen or Fullscreen → Windowed mode can make Darktide appear as if it has locked up. This is not the case; it is actually having problems presenting a new image. If you minimise the window or Alt-Tab, you should be able to work around this. However, this will not work for Borderless Fullscreen and Darktide will have to be restarted

Existing reports may be merged here, to help us keep track of the issues being reported.

I cant even do that i have to shut dowm my pc and turn it bsck on to be able to do anything i just get stuck on a black screen each time originally my game kept crashing when i was in missions so i thought maybe if i reset my settings but i did that in the window that you either click play or settings and now i cant even get in the game

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