Kinetic Resolution and Empowered Brain Rule, the actual effect of skills is too weak

Kinetic Resonance
Using your Combat Ability makes your BrainRupture charge + 75% faster and generate 50% less Peril for 10s


Empowered Brain Rupture
100% Peril Cost Reduction
50% Cast time Reduction
+50% Damage

Required time

No bonus: 3.04 seconds

75% acceleration: 2.24 seconds, actual effect is 21.74%

50% acceleration: 2.14 seconds, actual effect is 27.17%

75%+50% acceleration: 1.56 seconds, actual effect is 61.84%

Can the so-called ‘skill acceleration’ be changed to a ‘skill recharge time reduction’ that players can easily understand and achieve better actual results?

Can you change the charging effect of the right mouse button to one charging layer?

When players have the number of charging layers, targeting the target and pressing the left button can directly release the skill without the need for a long charging time

Passive skill is to increase the maximum number of charging layers from 1 to 3

This way, you can avoid the skill of charging and accelerating, which has a very average effect

In single player mode, after using right-click mode to charge 100%, aim at an enemy and immediately release the skill

However, in team building situations, progress bars that have been fully charged to 100% may suddenly become 66%, requiring players to recharge them to 100% before releasing this skill

By the way, can acceleration be turned into a side skill?

I don’t want to empty all levels every time I release a cornerstone skill

I don’t want the effect of skill acceleration, I just want the effect of increasing damage

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