Kinetic Deflection or Kinetic Shield?

I have a question about the level 20 feats especially after last patch.
Using a T3 Deflector FS and Voidstrike Staff with Transfer Peril and Level 10 Feat Psykinetic Wrath trying to stay on high >50 peril to do more damage.

With recent patch the Deflector got nerfed or lets say fixed.
I didnt use it to tank a DH or massive Gunner Fire and having Stamina Curious, but Kinetic Deflection now feels way less viable so i ask myself if Kinetic Shield is better for my build trying to sustain on high Peril?

Any experienced Psykers that have an opinion about that?

Kinetic deflection was good only with non force weapon as the force weapon natural peril reduction was always very bad compared to a combat axe for example…
With the changes except to be harder to tank a daemon host on damnation nothing changed for me.

Kinetic shield is too low reduction for me even on high peril, you will be killed in 2.3 sec instead of 2 sec. Not to mention your goal is to lower peril for extra toughness regen as fast as you can with the t1 feat.

Kinetic Deflection will still allows you to use stamina for parry/push/push attack constantly (what is very effective with a good combat axe) and you will have a separate pool to soak parry damage trough peril if needed. Then you will gain toughness with the automated peril reduction, if you manage to not get hit for a sec. (easy with push all the time)
With the “fix” they actually buffed this as they will not break your parry even at 0 stamina.

Do not use stamina curios, use Health, preferably +20% +5% curios with toughness regen +15-20% and with lower gunner damage as much as you can.


I run both, depends on a day. Kinetic Shield is less situational, but then on Heresy and Damnation your toughness gets broken really quickly even with KS. So in the best scenario your toughness will last a split second longer. That is assuming your Peril is high enough to provide the 33% reduction. I would say its more useful for someone who stays at range at most of the time.

Kinetic Deflection is more useful if you intend to stay in melee for longer and if you expect to revive a lot. It can be a team saver. Demon Host survivability is great also, but then in 99% of cases you just avoid DH spawns. It would be different if we got contracts to kill specific monsters etc…

I personally keep blasting from voidstaff at melee range quite often. Suppression is crazy if you distribute it well, so I use melee mainly to dispatch something rushing me like a mutant, dog or ragers which are too close to stagger.

I would say both have value, but Kinetic Shield could use a buff to provide toughness damage reduction similar to the Veteran’s perk, to be as good as Kinectic Deflection.

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fully agree i almost run the same build.
FS only for muties, hounds and some last gunners or poxwalker etc.
Mostly firing Void in the back, also used KS instead of KD but at range i mostly dont get shot anyway. I was using Psykinetic Wrath to increase dmg and maintained peril 50+, but not sure what the breakpoint for 33% for KS is.
But actually i use inner tranquility, warp battery and kinetic barrage to spam BB’s and keep peril low. Sometimes on Heresy and Damnation it’s usefull imho because you need that 3 BB’S to kill a Bullwark, Crusher or Reaper and come back to Voidstaff /w Transfer Peril asap.