Key features missing

I’ve put 70 hours into the game during the pre-order beta and seen a lot of what the game has to offer. There were certain features missing but I assumed they would just be added at launch, but here we are with what feels like an incomplete game.

Missing in action:

  • Subclasses - Vermintide launched with 3 per class

  • Level selection, I’ve played 70 hours of the same 6 or so maps and if I see them again I’ll scream. I’d love to see these new levels and go through them all but I have to wait until they appear at random. A random rotation isn’t a good design and level selection has been a staple of games for generations.

  • A decent shop - not one that resets every hour with random items, most of which are either well below my current level (why would I choose to buy that?) or not the desired weapon type.

  • A full weapon upgrade area with features locked - 3/4 of the features are still ‘coming soon’, so I can’t buy the weapon I want because shop RNG wasn’t on my side, but also I still can’t upgrade or tweak one I already have as a replacement.

  • Transparancy around weapon stats, what they mean, damage etc. Just an arbitrary number and a damage type with little context.

  • Game stability or optimisation

  • Offline play

But it’s ok because we have microtransactions and vanity items instead of basic features. Just seems mad after the delays we’ve seen that even now it doesn’t feel ready or complete.

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Private lobbies, this is so basic it feels like that time when EPIC didn’t have a god damn shopping cart.