Kerillians Upcoming new career

And how I’m REALLY hoping it’s heavily inspired by 6th edition Har Ganeth Executioners, give her some proper melee oomph

Would Har Ganeth Executioner really need to be a separate career ?

Maybe they could do it as a new weapon (as there aren’t a lot of variety about them)
Har Ganeth Exe Sword:
Would basically work like the Executioner Sword

Otherwise they can also introduce the axe

But they are less iconic

Would be a bit confusing as both are named Draish

I don’t really think Kerillian needs a melee career. Waystalker, Handmaiden and Shade already are super competent in melee and I doubt a third career focused on melee would bring anything new/interesting.

A caster career would bring way more interesting and unique gameplay.

Besides, one Druchii scum inspired class is enough…


On the contrary, I think a melee-only Kerillian would offer the cleanest break away from her current playstyles.

It’s unlikely that a caster Kerillian would receive a large number of new casting implements, since they would only be usable by one career. Your best hope would be a single new implement in the career skill slot, similar to the Outcast Engineer setup. In other words, a “caster” Kerillian would still have a melee slot, a ranged slot, and a staff or other implement in the career skill slot. Would that be so different from her current playstyles?

On the other hand, if you cut off Kerillian’s access to all ranged weapons and focus on her formidable melee arsenal only, the usual complaints about the elf vanish in a heartbeat. No more endless bitching about friendly fire, for one. If the new career also has a taunt skill, as I think a proper Wardancer should have, you get an elf that pulls aggro from her teammates instead of running ahead solo all the time.

The only dedicated taunt skill currently in Vermintide belongs to the Ironbreaker, and I think the game could use another. Wardancer would be the ideal career for a melee-only aggro puller.


I guess it depends person’s playstyle. I already focus on mostly melee combat so I guess my opinion may be a bit skewed.

It really comes down to what FS can come up with. They can give her two different staves, while letting her use most of the already existing melee arsenal. Add a new “spell-casting” career ability and you have a very unique and new playstyle for her (this of course would depend on her kit and staff abilities… something defensive/support oriented).

Well, I don’t really care about these. Anyone can do tons of FF and run ahead solo all the time, it’s just an elf meme. Personally I find Taunt useless, so unless they come up with a new mechanic that will actually make it useful I feel like it would be just a wasted ability.

White Lion, Phoenix Guard, Swordmaster, Black Guard could do, Black Ark Corsair would be cool too I suppose

The Only character that could/should get a melee only career is Sienna, playing Kerrilian without using her ranged weapon will still utilize most/all of her mechanic, while using an all melee Sienna does not really use them atm (heat is still her main mechanic)

Not sure how’d they tie her magic into melee only without it feeling like just ripping off Unchained, what with her melee dmg boost on overcharge and other parts of her kit.

Heat going up on melee hit, using the heat to deal heavy attack on the special key

Just sounds like any mmorpg/action rpg resource build & dump mechanic, and I’m not onboard :stuck_out_tongue:


Now i have a really ,really weird image in my head between what she would wear and what manner of outrageous dialect she´d have ontop of current one as a proper sailor would…also do elven corsairs use guns?

They do not, they use all manners of ill melee weapons & tiny hand-crossbows.

I just realized it’d probably make her impossible to understand
Picture, very much related =)

Whatever Kerillian’s next career ends up being, I think it should definitely be another Wood Elf unit, rather than something that spins even further away from her origins.

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Looking at Kruber, I think it is not necessary. There are more interesting options after all…

cough Asur cough

More interesting is subjective – I would rather see a Wardancer or Spellsinger before any more High or Dark Elf careers.

Kruber’s fourth career came out of left field precisely because his first three careers were Empire staples. Kerillian is the only character whose original careers bounce between three different Army Books. I think its high time to emphasize her Wood Elf identity again.


Of course

Though this is no less subjective. I think there is no need for emphasizing anything.

Anyways it is better if FS chooses the upcoming career based on what is going to be the most interesting/innovative, rather than what is most comfortable for her origins background, no matter what it is going to be.


It 100% better be a Wood Elf unit

Like Shadowdancer

Because having a strong pure melee focused class that isn’t just as glass cannon would be super welcome

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Wardancer could be given extra powerful dodges and maybe increased parry windows for thematic survivability and some sort of throwing weapons as her ranged but not technically ranged option (slayer with throwing axes).

The Corsair sword and hand crossbow should be added for shade, with the possibility of dual hand crossbows as a new ranged option. A new two handed sword and possibly great axe could be added with different illusions based on each Elven race’s versions. That way it makes sense for each of her careers to get these new weapons

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