Kerillian's 4th carrier idea, Wardancer!

That argument doesn’t really fly when Grail Knights are mounted knights.
If Kruber can be a Grail Knight then why shouldn’t Kerillian be a Sister of the Thorn, when they’re both cavalry units?
Besides, adding spells to her repertoire wouldn’t really step on Sienna’s role.
Sienna is a human wizard, her repertoire is already limited. Kerillian, as an elf, is a much more versatile potential caster.

Possible new weapons could be;

  • Thrown javelin (Alternate fire; charge up, increases penetration)
  • A “bolt” spell (like a rock flying at high speed; alternate fire is an explosive rock)
  • A “burst” spell (Like a shower of thorns and acid spores; alternate fire creates a slow cloud of acid)
  • A “beam trap” spell (Creates thorns on the ground, wraps enemies in thorns that slow and damage them; alternate fire summons a dryad)

These could all be added to her ranged weapon slot, and have alternate fire.


While I think FS should be careful not to run the same shtick with all new carreers (take mounted unit sans the horse), Sisters of the Thorn go into a similar direction as the idea of having a “Dryad”-Keri, cause, iirc, one of the theories is that the Sisters are Elves possed by a dryad-spirit (or was it the other way around?). If the spells worked noticably different than Sienna’s magic, why not? I could also see them going a different route, make the spells more of a buff/debuff nature and move them into the potion- or bomb-slot.

I’d still prefer a Shadowdancer-carreer, but since we obviously will be getting a Warrior Priest of Sigmar-carreer for Salty and he would probably have a similar role when it comes to support, why not do the same for keri?

Nah, i really hope for a spellcaster class for the elf, there are already enough physical only classes in the game, just bring something to compete with all that sienning.

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Honestly, I think if we wanted that, we’d need a new hero alltogether, something we will see eventually (VAMPIRE-LADY FATSHARK PLS DO EEEET). Wha I’d love to see would be a high-elven Hero that used a differend wind of magic with each carreer. That would be the tits.

Came back to this after staying up all night thinking about how good of an idea this is

Fatshark plz

Awesome stuff!

Absolutely fantastic post by the way. A lot of fantastic ideas and well presented. Particularly some of the talents and the weapons suggested.

My ideas:

  • Maybe unique in its ability to take 2 melee weapons OR 1 melee and 1 range

  • Initially I thought the sword and spear wouldn’t work well, however, make it a short spear with thrusting and sweeping attacks and the overhead from the spear and shield. Could be mixed with stabbing and sweeping attacks from the sword as well. Would be weak against armour without sufficient stamina for armour piercing push attacks but would be extremely good against infantry.

*Asrai Spear could have some very cool twirling and sweeping attacks. Might also make way for a burning quarter staff for Sienna? I digress…

  • Spear and dagger? Not as good against infantry but the dagger would make it better against armour

  • Javelins: Would absolutely love to see this implemented. Something in the region of 10-15 ammo count with half the damage of the throwing axes?

  • Warcry/Wardance: Could stay as a war cry with 3 varied powerful support buffs OR changed to a Wardance stance for 10-15 seconds. Kerillian would lose 10-15% attack speed but would gain 20-35% extra power. In addition she would either gain damage reduction or ignore damage during and shortly after dodging.

  • Passive: Kerillian gains 15-35% damage reduction while dodging?

  • Passive or talent: Landing a charged attack reduces the damage the enemy deals by x%

Wanted to say again that this a real quality post. Well done

Hey it’s been a long time since this got any attention; so with Bardin getting his Outcast Engineer



As you say :). I really really hope we will get wardaner or shadowdancer Ker.

I like this and the work you’ve put into it. One detail though, what’s the place of the javelin ? I thought it was another weapon option, but the way it’s woven into perks and talents makes me wonder.

Best idea for the elgi dlc would be if she gets killed and we get cousin okri instead xD

I dont really care if anyone disagrees with me when i say this but we dont need more clunky, unusable anti-fun throwing weapons in the game (throwing axes/javelins) and horrible ults like engineers ult.

I looked on the warhammer wiki and found that wardancers can dual wield, use 2h weapons and even use shields too, so there are plenty of old/new options for fatshark if they do decide to make wardancer the 4th class for elf.

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