Kerilian's Glaive Illusion Bug

Just droped a red (Veteran) Glaive while opening a Emperor’s Vault as Kerillian and it has a regular illusion as oposed to a veteran one.
From what I’ve been able to find veteran illusion do exist for the glaive so I assume it’s a bug.

Here’s a print of the Glaive in question with the illusion it came with

And a print of the illusion’s I have unlocked for it

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Me and a friend have the same issue with different weapons. For me it was a Great Hammer and Grudge Raker for Bardin and for him it was a Mace and a Fireball Staff for Sienna.
We both did not unlock any Illusion for the weapons as well and the weapons have no illusions applied hence they have the standard name as well.

Just a quick update to say this should be resolved by the end of next week, but we’re aiming for Tuesday. It may be that the Weapon Illusion is not applied directly to the weapon, so instead you may need to locate it in your ‘Apply Illusion’ panel instead.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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