Karked if you do, karked if you don't

Hopefully with itemisation being addressed it will stop poisoning weapon-related content patches. That should also help mitigate any ill-will towards having to level a new archetype (if and when that happens) and acquiring the blessings for their unique weapons.

With how the mission board is I just can’t get excited about new maps because it’s either you can’t play them at all or they’re the only thing in quick play and actively reduces the map variety for a period because of the band-aid of them take up existing map slots on the mission board. The over-satiation of the new map makes me not want to play them.

Or you see a cool Maelstrom while its about to leave the board, queue up and get stuck with bots 1/4 of the way in from quitters and said lobby system not including these mission types. Pretty sweet.

Yeah the plasma gun has been going on way too long, like honestly there’s way more difficulty sand bagging yourself loadout wise and playing with people who are new on the regular board.


The item update will be quite telling on what to expect in terms of “quality”. Either it will finally fix many of the pain points that we currently have with item acquisition or its going to be an absolute mess that will guarantee that this game will never rise up to its potential.

I don’t expect the slow pace of updates to get any better even if the game were to suddenly bounce to 10-20k active players, its fatshark we are talking about. But one way to get some community karma back would actually put out hotfixes for things that actually matter.
I honestly could not give a ***** about some cosmetic clipping but having blessings that suck or don’t work (close range is a meme at this point) is literally tweaking numbers few times per month. Like how hard can something like this be?
Maybe the lack of balacing tweaks/fixes is due to the item rework but that’s getting into hopium.


By “chain” I really just meant consecutive. Though I do did think they need some closer spaced bangers to really turn the mood.

TBF major updates have been mostly pretty good, overall big net positives. A good crafting update, followed by a good map + weapon update, even a good number of months apart, would be a pretty strong one two blow to turn sentiment generally pretty positive, is really what I was trying to say.

Though personally you could sub map + weapons follow up out for a good large balance patch and I’d be very happy with things. Map + weapons would be a more sure crowd pleaser though, and TBC I mean beyond what is coming in the June 25th update, though fingers crossed that’s good stuff too, just hard to be excited about new weapons till crafting is addressed.

Really so much hinges on the itemisation update being good is what it truly boils down to.

Gotta quickly add massive agree with this too.

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Lots of wishful thinking on this thread!

If player numbers aren’t increasing (they aren’t), and paid skins are just covering the AWS server costs, then where’s the new development money going to come from?

Maybe those recoloured skins are flying off the shelf and we will get another class, new weapons, and loads of extra maps from that.

3000 players let’s say? If everyone bought a £10 skin once every 6 months, then that’s £60k. i.e. one Swedish salary.

Just because there are 3000 players (on Steam) that are playing at a single moment doesn’t mean that they are only those 3000 players in total, most people play at different times.

Added to that there are the whales, who buy multiple skins.

And those that don’t buy any.
And yeah, tbf, I didn’t look at Steam first. You can double that number. Two devs.

Think my point is: if they were raking it in, they’d probably push the game a bit harder? That’s speculation admittedly.

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I think we’re unable to really say if cosmetics are the way to go or not, most game nowadays are getting more expensive, either through higher release cost, piecemealed dlc, or through cosmetics.

But in any case I don’t think it’s on us to worry, but paid cosmetics is always better to keep the content free.

Only exception being new archetypes which I regard as having to be a paid dlc of sort (though problem with dlc for dlc if they sell cosmetics for it, at least for the Xbox side of things)

Agreed. All you need is one developer that knows how to fiddle with the numbers to go over some community feedback and/or player telemetry data for a few days a month and turn the dials up or down. I have no idea why they stopped doing that.


Well the guy who was seemingly ‘the’ combat guy for VT2 and Darktide no longer works there.

Either they don’t have the know how anymore to be confident about how to balance stuff, or no one in management has had the brainwave that what he used to do, now needs to be done by someone else.

Alternatively they’ve just given up the game and it’s maintained by two interns and a potted plant.

All options are equally likely, really.


Ratherdone was the team lead of the Combat team and he did do quite a bit of the weapon design/balancing himself, but he wasn’t the only one.

That said, I am inclined to agree that it’s an option 2 variant – nobody is currently assigned to live balancing.

Let’s hope that changes soon!


This seems insane to me, and it reminds me of when I worked as a cook in school kitchens before swiftly returning to restaurants.

In short, no one on the kitchen team was aware of their colleagues’ jobs, despite having worked shoulder-to-shoulder for 5-10 years.

This meant that if the person doing the regular food became ill, no one in the standard could step up to fill that role for the day, so they had to bring in a cook from another school.

As a substitute cook, I never got help estimating how many liters of sauce I needed to produce because the others knew nothing.

The worst way to run a kitchen I’ve ever witnessed and I’m not pretending that i know that Fatshark work this way, but it almost sounds like it reading your reply.

All I’m saying is that he still liked to get his hands dirty even when he was team lead.


I mean, it’s a feedback thread.

It’s just asking what people’s expectations are.

Pretty sure this is also why there’s just a complete void where there should be communication. More than usual I mean.

FS had Catfish, but she’s out sick. StrawHat is all that’s left and he’s a part timer.

Nobody else at Fatshark knows how to say things to people apparently.


They are still failing at the basic and most important aspects of delivering a product right now.

Temper expectations.

Don’t let rumors fly, you can give people a general idea of what’s coming without ruining surprises.

Interact and engage with the community… They are your money stream after all.


Gotta remember that they never explicitly promised these things.

Well some things have been promised and forgotten, mostly Solo.

Never really promised it. N it isnt garnering as much traction as the solo lovers want it to garner. Prolly why it might fall through even more now than when it was announced. We’ll see. Much things Fatshark needs to work on before even thinking about new game modes.

opens the book of Grudges

Solo, 100 Aquila packs, Retroactive Penance Completion, Brunt’s contract system, evolving storyline, ‘a class a quarter’ (debatable, could just be them refusing to confirm that each of the tree branches is a new ‘class’), actual ‘seasonal’ content…

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