Darktide redemption Arc?

I feel like the devs have been beaten over the head as nauseum with the fan’s critiques about the game at this point, so no point in repeating them yet again.

I just hope to see the game come together, and for the live service part of the game to come into its own and blow us all away.

(Yes, Vox Transmission 7 got got me a little hyped for what’s to come.)

Have you seen their response?
The whole recent statement can be summarized in 4 words : “maybe but probably not”
they clearly DON’T get it yet. I think they need a far more severe beating like darktide loosing 90% of its playerbase and steam reviews falling down to negative.
The thing that they actually leaned toward some of the things we want changed means that the pressure is working, we just need to apply a bit more of it.

I want this game to be entirely pleasurable to play and fatshark to become successful and for that we need some tough love.
There is an amazing masterpiece hidden in this puddle of mud and we need to dig it out by force. And the only way to achieve that “only fun, no bullsh*t” stage is if fatshark gets thrown off their high horse.


This is a live service title. Bullsh*t comes with the territory.

The best we can hope for is less offensive bullsh*t.

Since it relies on hosting servers as of right now, if the playerbase plummets due to poor updates (which is possible FS makes some weird design choices,) the game will probably just be shut down.