Just want to say thanks to the devs!

Crazy to read through this and see all the suggestions. People who have played before are complaining it’s too easy, people who have never played have no idea what’s going on and think it’s too hard. It must be super difficult to decide on what changes to make with so much feedback, so I just wanted to say thanks for what you do!

I got the game Wednesday and I’ve already put in 20 hours. It’s awesome and exactly what I wanted when Destiny 2 was so lacking in social features and replayability. Thank you for making a great game!

As a totally new player to VT, I wish the game was a little less opaque. It was pretty hard to figure out what was going on at first and I lost my first 3-4 matches before getting paired with some level 10+ who knew what was going on. All of the different mechanics are barely explained (even the concept of stick together isn’t explained) and it left me pretty lost.

To anyone who is super new: the bots in this game are actually really good. Highly recommend just making a custom game and playing the levels with the bots. They will stick with you, help you, guard you, and they’re great shots. You get exp and loots just like a regular game.

To anyone who is super experienced and think they need to stop nerfing things: please realize this is the first week of the game being out. It’s going to be tuned for low level play so that people can learn and enjoy the game, and I’m sure it will be tuned for more hardcore play as players rank up. It is ridiculous to expect new players (and casual players) to go read the blog and investigate every little detail, especially when info is barely available. The archer is so strong in recruit and I’ve had so many players say “hey wait up, let me snipe all the guys first.” We end up sitting there watching her snipe for 2 minutes until everything is dead. It feels terrible and it makes everything so much easier when the enemy can’t even shoot back. I’m sorry she’s not strong enough in Champion, but maybe you can realize that the rest of us aren’t there yet.

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