Joining an already in progress Chaos Wastes run feels really terrible

Considering what Fatshark-Lev said in the post @Adelion linked, my suggestion would bring joining players at the same level of the bots (a little less if they get post-mission upgrades). If this is already in-code I see no reason why it shouldn’t be implemented for players.
EDIT: I’ve asked Lev if they could discuss it.

Thanks for the correction.

I like this suggestion. Boons are great, but the hero power is what makes joining in-progress missions feel so bad.

Even getting the bot’s pilgrim’s coins would be a beloved improvement.

I understand players joining get an extra amount of coins, altough I have no idea how much.
Fatshark-Lev said he forwarded my suggestion, so they’ll discuss it internally, we’ll see what comes of it.

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