Pilgrim's coins on joining

I thought I had read somewhere (but can’t find it again) that when a player joined mid-expedition they would get some amount of coins to compensate arriving late.
Have I dreamt that ?
If this is how it is intended to behave though, it doesn’t. If you join a group mid-expedition, you’re broke.
One thing that does work very well though is re-joining a session after crashing. My friend came back with his exact stuff and boons.

I get a handful of coins when I join midgame, but it is no way near getting me to the same level as my allies when you remember how much they have already brought.

I do wonder how they try to calculate how much you get. And why it evidently doesn’t work for everyone.

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The handful I join with (usually around 30-50) are the ones that were leftover from my previous expedition.

I was thinking about suggesting that those who join late get a random bunch of boons(based on how many others in team got) and a fairly large amount of coins. At least for cata where you can be pretty screwed if you get in too late.

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