It's no fun playing Psyker anymore

I don’t have much to add that hasn’t been said here honestly. I played closed beta, got to level 17 in the three days then. I played pre-order beta and got to 30 in a week.

I want so much to love this class. BB in difficulty 1 and 2 feels great at low levels when your teammates can’t deal with a mauler or a bulwark for the life of them. Once veteran has access to a good armor piercing gun or your zealot has a chain weapon or thunder hammer, their single target dps scales so much higher than a 3 second windup and pop. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it feels great sitting in the backline and surveying the room for straggling gunners, specials, armored enemies and dealing with them on your own before the team even notices they would be a problem, but if I were a high level Veteran focusing on supportive sniping I’d be more relevant.

BB should be a one pop kill on all non-ogryn mobs regardless of difficulty.
The warp charge mechanic is a joke, the damage increase is pitiful and the peril reduction in the level 10 feat is necessary for staff spam (the only time I’ve felt “powerful” in difficulty 3+)
Psyker is a glass cannon that is missing its ammo, I’m just glass no boom.

Not having shared resources or even level locked shared weapons makes me really not want to even level another character to enjoy the game more. I am also a Vermintide 2 veteran for what it’s worth. I want the grind. But I want the grind and the classes to be fun and balanced because right now I’m just worse than veteran by miles.

I understand Battle Wizard Sienna was/is an absolute menace in V2 and I love playing her because she IS busted. But don’t nerf your mage class out of fear of being OP again. Let Psyker feel valuable on a team comp outside of sometimes killing dogs when they run around the room.


In case it helps at all, there are 4 staves in the game. I’ll list what they’re named, the order they unlock and what they do.

Trauma staff - AOE explosion on the ground for the charge

Surge staff - Palpatine hands on charge

Voidstrike - Big ball of explosive energy, similar to Sienna’s fireball staff from V2 is that helps at all.

Purgatorus (?) staff - Flamethrower, purge the heretics with holy fire

The first three staves have the same or very similar basic attack, a small ball of warp energy ~5% peril cost IIRC. Flamethrower staff is a quick plume of fire instead of sustained combustion.

Like I said, if this helps, great, if not maybe it’ll help somebody else? I actually like all the staves in essence, they’re all very fun, they just feels weak in higher difficulty runs.

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The force sword is hard to even use on a boss because bosses don’t get stunned when you hit them with the initial hit, but you’re still locked in the animation. If the boss walks away from you, knocks you back, swallows you, or whatever before the damage goes through they simply don’t take any damage.

It’s also just not true that it’s particularly high damage the second DPS overtakes burst damage in importance. It has among the highest damage potentials in a single hit in the game, but the hits are neither quick nor reliable. You have to activate the force attack, charge a heavy hit, strike the enemy you want to hit, and then wait for the execution animation to go through before any damage is applied. Sure, it’s a big chunk of damage, but when you’re fighting things where you’d have to do that whole spiel 20 times in a row to take them down you’re not going to feel like you’re deleting bosses.


while I ahvent played physker yet, the main porblem seems to be that brainbrust is really unfun to use for a lot of poeple so they resort to using the staffs for roles they were not really designed for, regardless physker needs help, perhaps they could do something where they change how brainbrust works, say instead of a slow charging attack that ignore armor, rather its now a fast attack but has regenerating charges/ammo sperate from peril, meaning getting those big damage numbers isnt a slog, but you have to choose when and were you brainbrust but not dependant on if you have the time to get it off. basicly brain brust is much faster and does more damage, but it has an ammo count.

The issue is that they designed themselves into a corner by allowing the Psyker to wield mundane weapons. They basically had to give the class an ability that generates peril that they can always use, but by making brain burst spammable they couldn’t make it so powerful that it works the way a grenade does where you break it out when you need it to beat a tough enemy.


I loved using Brain Bust in closed beta.
Targeting was great, it was faster and smoother to use without having my whole screen flash with peril at first use.

This decision that was made then is completely idiotic.


you hit the nail on the head. Can’t have feats that are too weapon specialized, because you have a ton of random weapons and very few ‘peril’ / force weapons

As such, they decided to make bb /warp chargesbe the ‘defining’ class feature and decided to have all of the feats revolve around that. I really really really hope they rework the class, but I’m worried that they will have to add too many weapons to give psyker a real identity that is fun and not pigeonholed into the grenade slot.

(also, i love the staves. really hate bb. pls fatsherk help us)

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Yea, this is honestly a big problem with their design that might very easily haunt other psyker classes in the future as well if they don’t figure something out.


True, I also played on T4 and T5 and have other classes on lvl 30 as well. Admittedly you are becoming much more a CC class as opposed to mass murderer on lower diffs,but that can be said about many weapons with this difficulty spike. Chainswords stop one-shoting, thunderhammer just throws enemies to the ground mroe than finishes them, stand out is abolter, but it kinda should be at elast lore wise. As mentioned earlier, I think Psyker needs some love, but I do not think it is treated somewhat unfairly, BB needs a buff/better scaling !!

The Psyker is also very much missing sniper-type staves like the Beam staff and the Bolt staff, which is really crippling when it comes to piercing armor or taking out lots of gunners, and makes you dependant on BrainBurst without giving you a choice :unamused:
I miss the crowd control of the Beam staff shotgun so much…

I guess it’s the lack of diversity in playstyle that’s killing it for me. Right now, it’s supportive crowd-control specialist or bust. All the staves go in that same direction, more or less.


This one hurt me a small way.


I feel like class identity is more an issue. I’m not going to get into how balanced they are at higher difficulties because I don’t fully understand the dev cycle around balancing but if you’re not very powerful you can at least be useful/fun.

Some ideas I’ve been thinking about in regards to Psyker.

Brain Burst seems underwhelming at higher difficulties, this could be offset by increasing the damage% increase given by warp stacks so staffs and force swords feel more powerful. Another option is a complete redesign, why not use warp charges as a source for casting brain burst? You could have it so the more you used the more damage it does or just one per cast. In return it could be instant cast and do big damage.

Another idea is diversifying how the left click of staffs function. The Purgitas staff has a unique left click which staggers and applies a stack of soul fire on enemies in close range, why not add a type of lightning bolt projectile attack like the Greek god Zeus to the lightning staff? It could deal piercing damage to carapace for example. With the Voidstrike you could have a sort of single target beam attack that does little damage but slows the enemy down, useful for berserkers and dogs.

Classes don’t necessarily have to be killing machines to be popular, just fun and unique.

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I like to run the purgatus with the following:

  • regen toughness for 3s on gaining a warp charge
  • 6% warp resistance per warp charge
  • 4% chance of gaining a warp charge for kill within coherency
  • no movement speed pebalty when quelling
  • 10% chance on hit to brain burst (15s cd)
  • spend all your warp charges to apply soulblaze, 10% chance on soulblaze kills to gain a warp charge

The auto brain burst gives you a guaranteed warp charge straight off the bat. In addition to that, your passive warp gain is really high due to the 4% chance in coherency and 10% chance on soul blaze kills.

You just run around your allies and purge everything that gets close. On hordes you have pretty much constant toughness regen. If you get surprised by a rifle squad, take cover and use the Brain Burst to get some toughness back at range.

You could technically swap Mind in Motion (no movement speed penalty to quelling) to the one that gives you toughness damage reduction from ranged attacks but I like to be able to keep it mobile and find that sometimes a split second is all that determines if you get hit at all in the first place.

The issue is, if you want to use a recon lasgun, just play Veteran, be more survivable, and also better able to use the lasgun. The recon lasgun is just, flat out, better on Veteran. Despite random brainbursts, or warp charges you might or might not be able to stack.

Psyker also just has a lot of items in its kit that are redundant to a recon lasgun. BB itself is very good even on legend for dealing with running away specials (might want to whack em with a staff or voidstrike first), it doesn’t have any particularly great anti-horde melee weapons, so you choose something versatile with a bit of anti-boss (Force/Chain swords), and your staff fills in the rest. Be it via a stagger monster with surge or a yeetus deletus with voidstrike.

No, seriously. Veteran has more toughness, can print grenades not only for themselves, but their team as well (pending feat choices), has more ammo, can print ammo, can get more ranged damage, can make all weapons perfectly accurate for a short time. Then there’s camo expert. Literally known as: “The enemies are after thee, not after me!”

Like, if you’re running around with a recon lasgun as psyker, just play veteran. You lose out on the aura, don’t have warp charges to deal with (which might be a good or bad thing), but you’ll enjoy the weapon a hell of a lot more and be far and away more effective.

  • 10% chance on hit to brain burst (15s cd)
    This is fantastic for uptime of warp charges. Becasue of this trait I play with duelling sword, nice combo.
    That is also how I got the “warp Battery” pennance for being warpcharged for 300s in the run.

My issue with this is the toughness regen on gaining a warp charge is hilariously unreliable, even in heresy. Regardless of 10% chance to BB, regardless of 4% chance on kill in aura. It just doesn’t regenerate nearly enough, nearly fast enough. Compared to being able to quell from any source and generate toughness, I found it way too slow and unforgiving.

But if it works for you, it works for you.

Also, I found Mind in Motion complete garbage. Mostly because it does nothing for your staves, and you usually don’t quell while running a melee weapon, especially since staves is your fastest quelling option. Quelling on BB is…okay, but you’re usually never in a position where you want to chain kills with it. Especially with the build you’re running. I’d suggest dropping it for ranged damage resistance to toughness. Your build would also likely do better with it if you get surprised.

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It’s less that there’s a generic class identity issue, and more that the class identity is just very, very badly thought out.

The class is designed as:

  1. Brain Burst to gain warp charges.
  2. Warp charges give you more damage, various empowerments (E.G. warp resist/ranged toughness resist).
  3. Lose warp charges out of combat OR spend them down via ultimates.

The problem is rather simple.

  • Brain Burst is a garbage spell. It was garbage back in October, but nowhere near as garbage as it is now. And even if it wasn’t garbage (Could one shot every special on damnation except maybe mutants, had a faster charge up time to beat vets in a race against a mob, had lower peril cost,) it’s too niche in application to reasonably base your entire classes identity around it as a singular concept.

Merely the fact that every single Psyker recommends 4% warp charge gain and 10% brain burst chance kind of shows how awful this identity is. The few who don’t are doing something a bit crazier.

As for what could be done, I threw a post of my ideas in Aetrion’s threads. But it involves having passive warp charges that are gained based on peril level (lower = faster, higher = slower), that you can then regularly spend down or use as a passive build.

It’s the Deflector force sword that the vet doesn’t have, without it the build is dogwater. Tanking a colossal volume of fire, rezzing under fire, and huge AoE knockdown are a very valuable set of skills.

I have vet leveled also but use Plasma not las guns. If it’s above tier 3 then bolter obviously

I’ve not even seen a deflector force sword yet, so I don’t even know what it’s like.

Total game changer, you’ll be stupefied with aggravation that it’s not a default ability.

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