Items who cant melt down ?! they not equipped on all 3 heros

i have some orange items in my bag but i cant melt down to get the dust.
its in the beta and the regular version. its aknowing bug or what is the problem?
and no this items are not equipet…


Make sure the weapon is unequipped by all heroes.

For example, if you’re trying to salvage an orange crossbow on Bardin, you have to first unequip the crossbow from both Ranger Vet and Ironbreaker classes.

sorry my bad, you right but i wanted say: "and no this items are not equipet on every hero
i think i now how to do with over 500hours^^
nevertheless thx for try to help, a answer from the devs would be nice


Is the item favourited?

damn you’re right dude :kissing_heart:
seems to be that the bug was me^^ but i cant remember that i have set any item to favourite…
and there are many items:roll_eyes:
thx mate you save my day :wink:

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