Issue with space storage not taking 50 GB taking 183 GB

Issue Description: The game taking twice as Space Storage
When I download the game it’s saying 50 GB but when I finish the installation The game, 183 GB of storage and the folder that takes those amount Of gigabytes are the bundle folder I just downloaded the game and then for the first time it didn’t load for me. I was stuck in the loading screen for processing so I quit the game, uninstalled the game and then downloaded it again and I see the same issue with 183 GB, I don’t know what makes it happen and how to fix it and I hope I’m not the only one, so can someone tell me what I should do so I can just play the game on 50 GB like everyone

Error Displayed (If Applicable): ((there was no ERRORS))

Steps to Reproduce:((i don’t know what that is))

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[Steam/Microsoft Store/Xbox] ((Steam))

Player ID: Steam Community :: ❆SSL-Elite☁

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone: ((The first encounter of this issue was in 18/11/2023 time 8Am))

Reproduction Rate:
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((Constant 100% happens every time))

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SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Warhammer 40,000 DARKTIDE (the folder name is Bundle (183GB)

[PC] Paste Crash Report, or Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
[Instructions: How To Provide a Crash Report, Console Log, or darktide_launcher.log] ( there no crash the game works perfect but the problem is taking so much space Storage 183GB

hello ??? can i please get a support here ???
i need a mod or someone please

ANY ONE CAN HELP ?? i cant play thr game and its eating my space (im sorry but i just do anything to fix it and i need help please :cc

you wont get official help until monday, :melting_face:
@FatsharkLev @FatsharkJulia

anyway since you use treesize, i can tell you the the Data Folder is supposed to be 47GB large just like it is for you, however the space it occupies is much larger wich shouldn’t happen.
i can tell you that the “bundles/data” directory should have 134706 files in 256 folders, can you confirm?

i can only speculate why it does so, my first guess is that you pc creates temporary storage, maybe due to wrong registry settings

to be fair if it can be on discord and some one can assisst me with this screen to screen ill be very happy but from now i cant even play the game becouse i really need help on why do it takes so much space only discord sharing screen can help and figure it out i need support help discord or something

i download the game on WD Black External drive ( idk if thats the problem or not )

checked, the filesystem is exFAT where most SSD’s going to have NTFS, wich works for me, don’t know if that would cause problems,
but we know Darktide isn’t well optimised, even plain AMD users where locked out of play at some point, so maybe?
have you tried an internal drive with a different format? (can check the format by right clicking the drive and going to properties

do you have discord can we talk there ? its gonna be very easy to explain there

im just throwing ideas out there, i don’t know the solutions to your problem

oh okay i see ill sent you the thing ( i now download the game and still have the problem ) when its finish ill sent you the external drive properties

here it is

i need to have like 198 free space not 51 free space wtf

This seems like a storage issue, not a game issue.

They won’t be able to assist you with something unrelated to the game.

Try moving the game from that drive to your C: drive and see if it reads the correct volume.

Its because you use exFAT

take a look into the Properties of your folder there is a “Size on Disk” which should be way higher than the “Size” of that folder

edit, i think this is also already visible in your screenshot
left should be “Size” and right column “Size on Disk”

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Thank you all for your contributions above! @SSL-Elite159, outside of converting the drive, your C: drive may be a better candidate for Darktide.

thank you i tired the Drive C and it worked perfect ! thank you !