Isn't it better to change the mod policy like Darktide, since you're abandoning vermintide's mods?

Non-ingame affecting mods including Korean translation mod is impossible to use at the ‘Official server’ due to the abandoned mod environment. I suggest changing the mod policy just like Darktide, if you’re going to keep abandoning these mods. Also, last time, you said that Korean translation mod is unavailable due to the difficulties of inspection since this game’s IP is not yours. However, ‘Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus’, another Warhammer 40,000 game just approved user translation mod into official. Seems GW also thought it won’t be a problem anyways. Have you ever had a conversation with GW about the approval of user made Korean translation mod? Or are you just lazy and lied to us? Even Darktide’s ‘Official Korean translation’ is much inferior than fan made translation. We don’t understand why our mod is not approved and that stupid ‘difficulties of inspection’.

That´s not exactly what they stated, there was a post on this recently, that post has a link to the latest answer from fatshark in an older post. I´ll share that one here :

From what i can tell, the main issue is that it´d take to too much work for their studio to somehow get the mod reviewed, i suspect due to a lack of professional korean translators in the company, which is why they cant manage. And that i think would explain why it doesnt work. Because reviewing the mod is their policy and i suspect somehow demanded for them from possibly both steam and GW.

Prior mod info in this thread here

First, I received an email saying Gw is not involved in the company’s IP game… khapera (writer of this article), the head of the unofficial Korean localization team, said in a reply received from Fatshark that it was not possible due to IP and licensing issues.

Second, is it the company’s policy to check the Korean localization ‘mod’? As you can see from the darkside, it was an excuse.
Where in the world is there a game to honestly check localization mods? It’s just an excuse too.

In my opinion, fatshark just looking at the customer as a fool…

Or it may be because it is currently a policy to integrate modes into official games, so if you approve the Korean localization mode, you will have to integrate it later.
Either way, it’s the same that’s the same.

참고로, 기술 지원 같은 곳에 문의 올리면 의외로 답변 자체는 잘 해주는 거 같더라구요…

This writer is one of the developers of the informal Korean localization mode.
And I’m user that just wants Korean localization mode approval.

The first answer he received was written in this article.
The person who suffered the most during the two years when there was no answer was this writer.

It might not be an excuse at all, just assume they hired someone to do the korean localization for Darktide since they saw there was a demand for the language in Vt2. This person however is then working on fixing Darktide, and from what i gather, is not particularly good at it.

So they´d have to pay this guy who isnt good at it to work more or they´d have to hire someone else who is better for more money to fix Vermintide 2, and, they wont get any money? Business says no.

The poor quality of Korean localization is due to the hiring of Chinese to save money for those who will localize the Korean language.

This happens a lot in Korean localization of other games.

Many Koreans are angry because they often entrust Korean language to Chinese ethnic Chosŏn to save money.

good Game companies hire Koreans for Korean localization, so the quality of translation is high.

Like other Warhammer games, formalizing user localization would have benefited the business in both cost and quality.

If fatshark it had approved user localization, it would have been advantageous enough for marketing and would have helped increase the number of players even a little.

In fact, most of the Vermintide user candidates did not quit or play the game because localization of Korean was not approved.

Vermintide is an attractive game.

people, as fans of the game, invested their manpower and money to make it.
f the game company completely ignores user localization,
It’s an insult to everyone who’s been trying.
And that leads to marketing failure.

If negative images accumulate due to marketing failure, the business will be severely damaged.

They are making a mistake.

A mistake? From what i can tell going by what the fatshark stated in the past and in in the topic i linked above, they need to verify that the mods are safe before they can approve them. And for the korean ones? They cant…since they do not understand korean.

How can they approve of a text that they cant read at all?

As for marketing, well, you could have a point here, they missed out on sales in korea by not having the language from the start, but, its too late to add it now since the game is a few years old and the hype has faded. And as a i said, hiring a proper translator for that now is not going to get them any money that is worth the effort.

We know that they are running an official dark-tide community in Korea. They will be able to hire enough staff to check the localization of the Korean language.

Difference is that Darktide is much newer and its still possible to pull koreans into that rabbit hole, vermintide 2 is too old and adding a translation would cost much more than they´d earn from doing it.

The problem is simply money, hiring verified people to verify and check all the translations, then keep hiring them everytime they update the game with new voicelines&whatnot would simply cost too much.

This cost is probably why they hired a (cheap?) chinese company for korean translations in darktide…

The attitude of the game company seems to ignore the users, so who plays the darktide?
It’s a localization that doesn’t keep grammar, so it’s not good for attracting users.
I can see that the game company made it without sincerity, so will the user play it?

By the way, you,
Are you familiar with community manager?
Or is it a sub-account of the community manager?
You have traces of their invitation.
Are you an employee of the fatshark?

Looks like fatshark had enough money to hire a part-timer for comments.

And this is a problem that comes from them not understanding korean and just hiring this presumably cheap Chinese translation group that, to no surprise, also has a “cheap” quality.

If you really are a long time player you ought to know this is their style, cheap solutions that often backfire and then only really get fixed if they become absolutely critical…i mean heck, Vermintide 2 still has bad translations for several languages like Italian among others. If they cant even support European languages , how can you really be surprised when they cant support Asian ones from the other side of the Earth?

No is what i would say, but this is how Vermintide 2 was launched too, game was crazy bugged, unbalanced and had poor translation quality and it lost tons of players early to it who never came back. And yet, some of us did stay.

Darktide is just doing it on repeat…but it is really a shitty thing for a business to do to its customers i´d argue.

As for me? I wish, but nah, i simply feel bad for you, watching you trying to make this whole thing happen when it´d be like a miracle. A money oriented business deciding to throw money out so a small portion of an already small number of players will be a bit happier.

I mean sure it would be nice to see, but, its so incredibly unlikely that i feel like its watching someone out in public shouting loudly for god to gift him a Ferrari.

If you’ve made a mistake, you should try not to do it.
As you say, Fatsark’s attitude now is as follows.

It’s our way. We’ll do whatever we want.
We will abandon users for money, we will release unfinished games for money, and we will make policies in our favor for money.

Users are like livestock, so they just need to pass on a little bit of food.

Funny, I’m sorry to see that you’re tamed to defend those who released unfinished darktide.

Have a nice day.

When exactly did i ever do any of that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The only things i stated here was thus :

1., Fatshark is a business that is looking for money, you would be silly to expect expensive things to be given out for free. Because of this, Korean localization for VT2 is unlikely.

2, Darktide is being supported to some extent because its much newer and they saw a demand for it.

The only time i shared a personal opinion here was when i wrote this :

Do you think i am praising Fatshark here? :expressionless:

There is no need to check the Korean localization that the user has already created.
Shouldn’t we be grateful that locals voluntarily localize and inspect for free?

It’s not a bad idea to invest in it if you have to check it’s not bad.
It doesn’t cost tens of billions of dollars.

Fatshark just needs to ‘check’ to see if this localization.

The end content of the vermintide will be updated soon anyway.
The update will no longer cause problems with mode compatibility.

The reason they don’t approve the mode is because of the mod compatibility issue caused by the update.

How would a company make money without investment?
If save money and lose a customer,
Wouldn’t the damage be worse?

Well, whatever I say, you won’t listen, so there’s no point. Ignore it if you don’t like it when we say we want localization, don’t waste your time here.

I mean, i am listening, reading rather, but you are ignoring the issue of license and policy that are causing the money issue.

One of the moderators wrote this on steam :

Apologies for the delay; I’ve just returned.

So I checked in, and unfortunately the process isn’t as straightforward as sanctioning it.

Basically, localization needs to go through a bit of a process, both on our end and on GW’s end to make sure what is being put into the game is accurate to what is being translated. This requires a vetted third party to check translations and strings to ensure translation meets industry standards. In addition, we’d also need to go through this process with each new piece of localization added when we push new content, so we could continue to support this localization properly.

While this is something we want to do, with Darktide on the horizon, it’s largely a matter of “if” and “when”.

So basically, there MUST be a professional translator, no exceptions, and that´s why they cant just add the mod. And they would need to hire a translator with every single update to anything that has to do with text. And GW needs to approve of what happens each time too it seems.

So they have to pay&work a lot and they probably will earn very little, Vermintide 2 simply wont get a huge heap of new customers just because they added one more localization. Thus, its not economically viable.

It doesn’t cost tens of billions of dollars to hire a translator, but it’s going to be very, very hard. Really

We’re not asking to add our mods to the official game, we’re simply asking for permission to use them.

No it doesnt, but depending on the number of people involved and working hours needed, it could easily cost enough that the game would have to sell anywhere from hundreds to several thousand copies just to earn back what it cost.

It aint cheap!

Lets say a professional translator and extra staff like proofreaders and whatnot, all have an average salary of 40£ per hour, there´s 5 of them in total. That´s 1600£ daily, 8000 weekly and 40 000£ monthly.

If they actually get 100% of the money from a sale with steam charging nothing then they´d have to sell 1400+ copies assuming the project went on for a month. And here´s the problem, good translators can charge much more for quality(according to google the rates can reach 70£+ per hour) and the game is too old to likely sell well beyond this point.

Problem is, there is no difference. If you want to use it in the normal realm then the mod needs to be sanctioned. To get it sanctioned, it needs to be localized and that costs too much for a game with a small playerbase that has also been out for several years and passed the best time to sell.