Is VAC working?

Recently when I try to play quick game Legendary to have some challenge, I met cheaters in almost every room I enter. From chatting with them I know this software could lock health bar, have infi ammo, have no overcharge and no cool-down on ult. Moreover it could easily pass VAC, get loot and no ban.

Please do something FatShark, I really don’t want this game get ruined by cheaters. I know it is hard to detect since it is calculating data in host, but I do believe there are some ways, for example send the result to a server which check the result data. And loot will be cancelled if abnormal data, such as damage taken or damage done, is found.

Hope we could have a good gaming environment.

The game uses EAC instead of VAC. I’m not exactly sure how effective it is but hopefully the people you mentioned will get banned.