Is this game harder now after the update?

Just seeing if anyone else is having trouble after the update… can’t win a legend QP to save my life. Ikd if there’s more hordes or more special spawns than before but I am struggling moreso than pre-update. Anyone else feel the same?

Yes, it’s harder than before.
Three factors are contributing to the increased difficulty :

  1. Many stat numbers of the game have been changed in that direction : HPs of enemies have been increased, they are more reactive, more running attacks, increased special spawning and hordes’ numbers, terror events are scaling with the difficulty and sometimes are overtuned, Beastmen are OP etc.

  2. The New combat system needs to be mastered again

  3. There’s a huge number of new and resurfaced bugs which destroy the gaming experience; phantom swings and shots, ghost hits, thin air spawning in impossible location, etc.

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