Is there way to see all the cosmetics?

I wanted to see all the store cosmetics that are not in rotation, since i have not played in a year. Is there like a site or something that compiles the store pages? I know fatshark is obviosly hiding this info, but i thought maybe the community might have them saved somewhere.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think so.

I googled and found this, but it’s not terrible helpful Commodore's Ventures | Warhammer 40K Darktide Wiki | Fandom

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Found this, probably as close as it will get for us Comunidad Steam :: Guía :: [WIP] Premium Item Descriptions


i have a mod i found that gives you the ability to look at unreleased cosmetics that are in the game currently.

you can’t actually use them but hey its cool

message me on discord or something ‘’@frankjack’’

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