Is there a way to refund Aquilas?

Hello, I would like to refund a Aquila purchase.
A few days ago I purchased Aquilas under the assumption that the limited time skin bundles will run out of time and vanish. Given there was no matching currency pack, I had to buy a larger amount of Aquila.

After a few days of work I logged back on Darktide, just to see that the limited time countdown on the skin bundles was gone. I purchased the Aquilas under the assumption that the skins bundles would vanish at the end of the countdown, and to be honest I feel tricked.

What steps do I have to take to get a refund? I don’t know if its important for the upcoming steps, I’am located in Europe.

Thanks for your time
-Kind regards

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Written like a real work email, jokes aside, I don’t believe you can refund aquilas, and the count down is gone because (I THINK) they want to change how their shop is operated, since people complained about the FOMO timers.

The moment the shop opened I bought the most expensive pack, under the impression “those are the Vermintide devs, they deserve my support and I get a cool set for my money”, but right after I bought the pack i noticed the prices and the timers, wish I didn’t buy it, but too late now.

I really hope they also fix the amount of aquilas required for a set Vs the amount you can buy in packs, but only time will tell.


I believe for the people that have to deal with this kind of complaints its just fair to be direct but polite, no jokes intendet.

I understand that they may or may not changed the bundles for some reason or another, but just to be clear, I have in no right for a Aquila refund? I will keep that in mind for future purchases.

I can sympathize with that, friends got me really excited about Darktide. They had a lot of good things to say about Vermintide, which I never played myself.

I hope so aswell, but I think for now atleast, I wont purchase anything more and may even stop playing. I was okay with the state of the game, and some missing features.
Making regrettable MXT purchases is one thing, but feeling tricked is a different kind of unpleasant.

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Sorry to interrupt, but in the EU designs which are misleading and manipulative (also dark dark pattern) are prohibited and not accepted.
→ Digital Service Act and General Data Protection Regulation

While the DSA does not apply to Fatshark per se, they could at least orient themselves at that.

What I mean, it is not because “people complained”, yes we did, because it is a malicious practice, but also because we have laws and standards for a reason.

While I do not know the best way to reach them, mayhaps it falls under:

Or you use Contact — Fatshark
and choosing “Community Enquiries” or “Misc. Enquiries”.

Other than that I hope a CM sees this - good luck!

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Hello and thank you for your reply.

I understand that the right thing to do would be to contact Fathshark and/or to make another forum post, I really do.
That being said, I already unsuccessfully looked into automatic-electronic ways of refunding, adding to that I’m quite lazy and prefer to spend my time and keep my good mood for more important things in life.

I opened this thread for the chance that there may have been a simple answer, a clear, easy, steamlied process I missed. The idea of this even having the chance of a prolonged back and fort for “a twenny” does not excite me, I prefer to just stop supporting future products and to be generally more distrusful with future digital and/or currency purchases. It really feels like times have changed.

Thank you for your help.

You are welcome!

I get what you mean, I think it is a nice thing to do, better stay in a good mood and making the best of the situation.

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