Is there a limit to money?

What about new content? I have nowhere to spend my money, and money is limited ??

w8 gona pass you my account number… if you have to much xD [joking ofc]

But really I am looking & thinking you dont do much more than playing DT from what I see… ehhh those good old days when you “had time” forever gone xP x)

Don’t worry when they introduce crafting you will blow all that trying to roll one stat on your super sword of the future.

(and it still wont roll quite right I bet)

Personally I just set a lower limit of 20-30k for any sudden purchases in the weapon shop and slowly started buying my way through all the free cosmetics, across all the classes theres quite a lot. Other than refreshing melks weekly contracts you earn far more from a few missions than you could possibly need to spend.

I didn’t save nearly as much plasteel as u did haha. But yeah what a joke…