Is the halberd worth learning?

I’m a middling legend player, and I enjoy using new weapons and combos to expand my repertoire.

I read a paragraph from a greatsword proponent, gave it a good try, and developed a liking for the weapon. It’s not my favorite, but often it’s my comfort weapon. Likewise with Sienna’s flamestorm - I couldn’t stand it, then someone pointed out a youtube vid that I looked-up (ironbreaker/drakegun) and I somehow “got it”, and then learned to use and appreciate the weapon. Not my favorite, but another good iron in the golf bag.

Now I’m looking at the halberd, and I find no proponents for this weapon. I’ve tried it, and I see that it’s very technical; it seems harder to master than almost all others. Is this one worth putting the time into? Or has it simply been passed-by (DLC FTW)?



Its a surprisingly easy and effective weapon to use once you know what´s for what.

A short intro just in case is that many weapons have several different attacks that are listed in the order they come out if you attack like light 1 → light 2 → light 3 etc.

And so the simplest and easiest to understand part is heavy attack 1, it is a stab that may have the longest reach in the game ( or at least one of the very best) with a favorable angle/hitbox for headshots and the damage to make it worth using. Good for poking out armors or outright oneshotting lonely&beefier normal mobs like marauders.

You also have the push-block-attack into light 3, the notable feature of this combo is that the push attack is a downward chop with fairly good armor&headshot damage and light attack 3 is very similar.Those attacks also break shields but generally are good for damaging an elite with an accompanying squad pretty safely.

Then for the only slightly more technical horde clearing business…

Light attack 1 is a sweep that´s good for clearing unarmored hordes, you can use it, go into block to reset your attackchain and so be able to use the first light attack again to thus clear hordes at a good speed. Or alternatively you can instead use a heavy attack right after that first light attack which chains into heavy attack 2, another sweep good for hitting several targets.

It also resets your attackchain allowing you to repeat their use, which one of these you do use vs hordes is mostly preference although you might end up needing to mix things up if elites come into the horde. If they do you might wana either to try to poke them out with heavies, chip them down with light attacks or clear accompanying lesser foes by whatever means.


What i mean by chipping elites down with light attack is to make use of the fact that all of it´s light attacks have at least some armor penetration with the 3rd having the most*

So in short the Halberd doesnt have any enemy type it really struggles with the way like say dual swords does with armor, but it´s boss damage is not outstanding and it´s weak in the stagger department as far as cata goes which does hurt frontline business a bit. It also regrettably misses armor-gliding on the heavy sweep.

But overall it´s a perfectly good weapon to use even if not OP.

“Edit nr 2”

Aight just realized the halberd is bugged and it might not offer the optimal experience if you do use it, might wana hold off a while.


block cancel the light attack versus hordes. chain heavy :point_right: light or push-attack :point_right: light :point_right: light versus single targets, the latter if you can afford the stamina.

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It is kind of worth it, by that I mean its not going to blow you away with some amazing attributes or anything but its perfectly capable jack of all trades weapon that really has some type of attack for nearly every situation.

You really need to get past the “ehhh it feels kind of clunky/bad” start of it but it does open up pretty fast.

Some basic combos consist of Light → Heavy → light Repeat
or light → Cancel - Light for Horde clearing.

Good armor clear / boss dps
Heavy → 3x light attack
or just Heavy → Light → heavy repeat forever.
Finally Shove attack → Light is probably the simplest one to kill something like stormvermin quickly.

Greatest part about this weapon is that you can combine/reset for lots of different combos if the situation requires. Which is also why the skillcap for the weapon can be pretty high until you get the hang of it.

If something it will at least be different experience to typical executioner sword or Greatsword gameplay.


I love me some Halberd.

Lots of good advice in this thread so to add to them I think the most important thing to figure out about this weapon is how much reach it has, getting a feel for that is necessary because it is not the easiest weapon to kite with.

Also to add, both of the chopping attacks break wooden shields while the sweep attacks can cleave through shields. Both stabs, I believe, have high headshot damage and do decent monster damage, too. The stabs have a reach that’s longer than most monster attacks so have fun dodge dancing a rat ogre in place while poking its nose.

I think it’s fair to say the Halberd got dlc’d out of the meta, but it’s still fun with the right builds.


Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes-yes.


It’s not a trash weapon, you can do good things, but it’s underpowered.


It is definitely an interesting weapon. It has lots of different combos, and that’s really cool.
The only issue is that for each career there are options that I like more and I believe they are more effective.

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It’s in that realm of weapons you should at least try as it’s certainly not bad. No one can tell you if you’ll like it or not. That’s something you have to figure out for yourself.

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Just checking back in to say - fun weapon. You have to commit, learn the moveset (I still don’t do the L1->H2 as much as I should), get the range. You then have a solid jack-of-all-trades weapon, elites, hordes, everything. It’s fun to poke plague rats just out of range, headshot chaos warriors, etc.

This is on legend, mind you. I have no idea about cata.

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On cata it’ll function just fine, there’s a streamer called GuzThe who plays it a lot in cata twitch mode and loves it.

it’s less effective than the meta choices like Bret Longsword or Mace & Sword but it’s a solid performer still

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More seriously, it’s fine. Worth learning if you like it, not strong enough for there to be much reason to do so if you don’t. It’s a decent weapon to get used to combos and block canceling on, but if you’re playing kruber your meta weapon choice doesn’t really need to care about those anyway.

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I had never ever seen Halberd for like 2 years.

-10% dodge distance is awful.

It is not top tier Kruber weapon for sure.

Didn’t that get changed a decent while ago? I thought it was 0% now?

Damn. You are right. I missed that patch. TY!

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Yeah, Halberd is like most other two hand weapons now when it comes to mobility. Given its crazy reach it would be broken with more mobility than that. Really any buffs to it would quickly make it overpowered imo.

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