Is it possible for me to be unbanned from the official DT Discord server?

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I’m not sure if this is the appropriate avenue to make this request but I figured if not I could be pointed that way. I was permanently banned from the Discord server around 6 months before the game came out, back when it was just used for discussing every bit of news that came out and theory-crafting. Quite a bit of time has passed and, rather than theory-crafting, I’d be interested in player networking.

I have a friend group that plays pretty regularly but every so often no one’s around or nobody’s in the mood except me and I’d like a place to meet other players and hopefully grow my DT friend list.

I understand that if so, it will be a one-time forgiveness and not carte blanche to violate rules.

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Steam (PC)

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Please email to discuss your Discord ban. Thank you!

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