Is Archivum Sycorax mistyped?

While I love the new Map (Archivum Sycorax), anyone else feels like it should be an Investigation mission?


  • Hab Dreyko:
    Thematically: get virus samples/information.
    Finale: go around following a servo skull and scan with Asupex.
  • Archivum Sycorax
    Thematically: get pre-conflict personnel information to root out traitors.
    Finale: go around following a servo skull and scan with Asupex.


  • Comms Plex
    Thematically: upload (presumably) false information via intercept-able means (Messozi even tells you this could be done by the Mourningstar)
    Finale: put skulls on terminals and babysit them.
  • Vigil Station Oblivium
    Thematically: upload false information to a cogitator array.
    Finale: put skulls on terminals and babysit them.

Gameplay wise: Every mission type has at lest 2 maps except Investigation and Repair, so It would make sense for the 2 new maps should be one of each. (going out on a limb: Ascension Riser 31 sounds like something you can Repair :stuck_out_tongue: )
We do have Penances with actual rewards tied to mission type completion. It would be nice to complete 2 maps X times each, than 1 map 2X times to get them.


Yes, they both sound (or in the case of the Archivum, play) better as Investigate and repair respectively. TBH it feels like they forgot about the other mission types.

Can we also have a Disruption mission outside of the Hourglass too?

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There’s a couple mistyped missions.

Archivum Sycorax is absolutely 100% an Investigation mission. Likely an accident by whoever assigned it the Espionage flag. Ascension Riser is correctly flagged though. The whole point is to go in, get a thing, and bring it out. That’s a Raid, through and through.

Smelter Complex should be Repair. The facility is shut down and we go in to get it working again.

Silo Cluster should be Disruption, we’re disrupting the enemy operation to poison the water supply.

I would also make Consignment Yard a Strike mission, just because everything I listed above would make Enclavum Baross the only Strike mission. Doesn’t matter that we’re doing Consignment Yard for a supply train that’s there. We’re not getting the supplies out. We’re just securing the area like we do in Enclavum Baross. The raid part is done by a different team. Also, we have 4 Raid missions right now. Horribly overrepresented.


Ascension Riser is correctly flagged though

Yeah, I wrote this before Riser 31 was unlocked. I agree it is a Raid, which is a shame because I like MetalFab and Smelter Complex much better than Chasm Logistratum for example.

You are making good points about the other ones as well, thx.

I just wish that every mission type would have at least 2 maps, so grinding some of the mission penances would not be so painful.

Silo Cluster arguably a repair tbh

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