Is anyone else finding Bardin just... not fun anymore?

Especially when Share and Share Alike is a weaker, selfish version of Grungni’s Cunning :confused:, I’d rather they’d’ve nerfed the bomb drop rate but kept it separate from potions.

Or at least replaced it with a decent talent, eg Ingenious Improvisation becomes a partywide buff. Anything.

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With the ability to refresh on reload and quite literally having infinite ammo on Legend and above, provided you can forsake your 1/5 /1/5 bombs, due to constant never ending special respawns. This means that your career skill is up every single horde, patrol, and boss fight or if not then, soon after.

Fighting in melee range just involves you trading out the career skill refresh for the 30% on head shot. You can keep that up 100% of the time during a horde all the boss fights, and the lords minus Rasknitt. He’s far more durable now with that talent than he’s ever been.

Share and Share Alike is actually insane. Easily the best new skill. If you’re using a crossbow you’re just not running out of shots. Period. Can’t be done.

Or you can take Grungni’s Cunning and get 30% arrows instead of 10% when you actually need them, as can your teammates.


That would require both of us to have never had pugs who just grab ammo when it’s next to them. And we both know that’s not the case.

I like Bardin better than before, personally. However I tend to play the human characters more than the stinky dwarf or the prissy elf. Ironbreaker in particular is fun with the drakefire skill, basically being Sienna 2.0. He has enough damage reduction sources that the venting damage isn’t a problem in the long run, and of course Bardin has 2h axe, one of the most rewarding weapons in the game. (imo)

I haven’t tried Slayer yet since the update but it was overpowered to the point of boredom before, so I’m glad to see it’s had a few nerfs.

Ranger Veteran was my favorite Bardin before the update. I still think it’s more fun than before, but not by as large of a leap as Ironbreaker. The T3 talents seem wierd though, especially the one that gives Bardin 10% ammo when teammates pick up his ammo pouches.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I personally think the throwing axes are the worst and least satisfying of all the new weapons. I just don’t ever see a situation where I would use them over the other ranged unless I’m milking the “25% more power when out of ammuniton” talent.

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Any complaint that Slayer has is thrown directly to IB and magnified for a few reasons I’ve listed in this thread but will list again

  • Safe
  • Braindead easy to play
  • 20 second accidental forgiveness in his passive
  • Insane DR and the only taunt in the game
    *A talent that lets him dislodge specials. That talent which lets him self dislodge specials is actually insane removing potentially the only possible weakness he had outside of the lower overall damage.
  • Innate power built into two talents as a baseline letting him stagger crap like berserkers and plague monks with body shots. And this is on top of having comically powerful horde clear due to the existence of both drakefire weapons

No clue what they were thinking with IB now. It was already in a good place before and they made it comically overpowered. Comparable elite pressure to Slayer, the ability to actually kill specials if you so desired to take a ranged option that can do so, and again, the only ability in the game that lets you self-dislodge specials.

Slayer on the other hand was always risk reward. A bit too tanky after the revamp to thp letting you just farm off of patrols solo depending on skills/weapon and player ability when paired with his DR or health options. They took all the good DR options, gave you one that basically useless for the most threatening part of this game now, one that isn’t 100% reliable when using some weapons no matter what (for example, with your ult, SS, and as much AS you can stack it still can fall off between hits for upwards to a quarter of a second per swing),

and one that is actually pretty useful but turns you into an actual full stop glass cannon if you ever get hit by anything. It’s certainly much harder to use. And less of a valuable pick imo in sort of Legend but definitely Cata than IB. Great in 1.6 but nowhere close to as redic as IB is in Vermintide 2.0.
Only career that can do safe mid horde pickups as well. Good grief.
Wanna talk OP, look no further than 2.0 IB in 2.0 Vermintide.

Im waiting for a red 2 H Axe drop and I might give that a run its the only Non Shield Bardin weapon I don’t have red for.

Try 2h hammer. iB is so tough low attack speed is not a problem, and gromril curse (knockback each time gromril armour is compromised) helps immensely when you are surrounded, giving you time to make a horizontal swing, get a lot of THP (aTHP on stagger FTW) and give yourself some breathing space.
Also 2h hammer is super good vs super armor, v. good vs armor, quite OK vs bosses (unlike 2h axe you don’t have to block cancel and unlike 1h and 2h hammer, you don’t have to charge every attack so it deals a bit more damage since 2h hammer light is a bit faster than 1h/dual hammer charged and has a lot better range).
Anyway, if you want to take the enemy to stagger town and don’t want to compromise your offence, 2h hammer is a great choice, although I understand choosing 1h or dual hammers, due to their mobility and speed.

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You presume much. Even with greedy teammates I’ve never had a run where I haven’t been able to sustain my ammo (and that of the entire team) on RV using Grungni’s Cunning - you only need 3 ammo drops to be back at around full from near-empty vs the 9-10 you need at 10% ammo per drop. If someone is grabbing all the ammo you just need to be quicker than them, it’s not like they can be everywhere at once either.

Share and Share Alike is the selfish, lazy talent. I don’t see how you can spin it any other way.

Aye, the 2h hammer is a good choice but personally I’m more of a fan of the 1h hammer variants on higher difficulties.

The main downside of the 2h over the 1h hammers/duals is that the crowd clear swings can be interrupted (as they’re the heavies), which is bad if you’re vs eg the beastmen and eating pokes or if you get cornered in general. On the other two the crowd clear swings are on the lights, which is advantageous.

Luckily the push attacks on the 2h hammer are good for clearing space.

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That’s the mistake yer making here. On the assumption that you pick it up yourself, share and share alike doesn’t give you 10% it gives you 20%. 10% for picking up the ammo and 10% for having the talent. It’s 20% across the entire party.

And I’m not trying to spin it. It’s selfish as hell. I’m saying it does have a small niche that belongs to itself. But I’m also going to agree that I won’t lose crap all for sleep if they remove it and give us another one.

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