Invisible models - enemies and players

I have been experiencing this for some time now, so I think it may be an old issue (or maybe a not very neat feature) but nevertheless:
In many different occasions I find myself being hit by the thin air I’m looking straight through.
That is all good and proper, as everyone knows that thin air can be hurtful at times, albeit thin.
The truly hurtful thing is, however, to discover that by taking a step back a bunch of minions (or elites or anything for that matter) literaly materialises in front of me out of the aforementioned thin air.
Now this may be an intended feature for the 3D models, as also team mates turn invisible when very close to you… Which is a fairly dumb thing to turn into, as that usually becomes the main source of friendly fire.
That is, I find, because from your point of view you’re shooting at the open (if at times jagged) sky, while in truth you’re just staring right through your lovely mates’ backsides…
At that point, those same baksides are going to be burned/shot/impaled and generally used as a pin cushion by your evermore surprised self… Since your shots/bombs will be exploding against thin air, blowing in your face, and generally fail to hit what’s in front of you, while flawlessly succeeding in hurting your team and yourself.

Is this “transparent models” thing a bug or a feature?

Should it be a feature, is it possible to disable it?

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I think 90% of my FF comes from not seeing that my mate is standing INSIDE of me. Also lost a couple of clutches because a leech teleported on top of me so I couldn’t shoot it OR move.

All in all, I think most of my grief for this game comes from the simple fact that multiple entities are allowed to occupy the same volume of space - be it your mates standing inside of you, or trach mobs hitting you from inside of a Chaos Warrior or just a handful of rats forming a weird 10-arm abomination during dense crowd situations.

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