Interception barrage bug?

Title. I’ve been consistently trying this challenge over the last few weeks and to me, it appears as though my bombs are going right through the rat ogre while he’s mid-air.

My strategy is to do screaming bell, kite the rat orge at the end to the waygate, sit behind the shrub wall and then agro to get him to jump. Strat can be seen in this video: Vermintide 2: Interception Barrage & Incoming Challenge - YouTube

Despite my best efforts though I can’t seem to get the challenge. I’ve tried running it with a friend who says he sees the bomb detonate on the rat ogre, but somehow the bomb still continues past and explodes behind. Is there other criteria to this challenge I’m missing? Unsure if its a new bug from the latest patch or if I’m doing something wrong.

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This challenge can be a bit pesky, though we’ll take a look just in case something is amiss!

From discussions in the past, I’ve seen players recommend to use explosive bombs and not incendiary, and not to use the ‘Grenadier’ talent for a better chance of success.

Good luck on your next attempt!

Do you have the “shots penetrate I’ve extra target” talent?

I just got it finally! I did have the penetrative shots talents on and turned it off before having a successful run, so its possible that talent was causing an issue.

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