Interception Barrage and Patent Pending and/or Twitch Bug?

It’s taken me a long time to do this rat ogre mid-air bomb achievement with bots, and my game crashed about 10 seconds after getting it. It’s my last achievement that I need to satisfy, in order to complete the Engineer achievements.

I was playing Recruit on Against the Grain, using 15/5/200%/Disabled Weeklies/No Item Blessings Twitch mode. I got the achievement, took a screenshot with F12, changed the voting timer to be 90 seconds, got a berserker vote from the old time setting of 15 seconds, saw the new vote ticking at around 85 seconds left, and then crashed.

Hopefully the issue is not with completing Interception Barrage and Patent Pending at the same time, because then I would be unable to complete the achievements until a patch. Thank you.

Edit- I meant to say 200%, not 100%

I re-did everything the same way again (twitch settings, map, same area after first stone wall), but this time I took a screenshot with Print Screen instead of using the Steam F12, and I didn’t change any voting parameters afterwards. I didn’t experience a crash, and was able to claim my last 2 achievements. I’m now thinking the bug was associated with the changing of the Twitch settings. Although, I did use the Asmongold stream for my Twitch connection however, and I don’t know if his massive chat input (about 100k viewers atm) could’ve caused a crash for this, even though I never saw a vote go through (since nobody in his chat was using the #abcd format for anything.) Either way, I’m happy I was able to complete everything for the Engineer now!Engineer Portrait Final

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I remember hearing that high volume of chat messages can cause Twitch mode crash but I have no idea if it’s for the actual in-mission Twitch mode itself or the Twitch chat on Twitch map tab.

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