Instant defeat problemo

Issue Description:
Have instant defeat (load into already failed match) 2 times in a row (i have plenty of them last mounth (sorta 30 ±5) but it happens mostly as “wawes of instadefeat”.
Steps to Reproduce:
Play games on damnation - have a chance to instantdefeat because of long loading (1 minute)

Mission Name (If Applicable):

Player ID:

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual (<25%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
console-2022-12-26-15.31.26-2bf3bd0f-d038-4b7f-a65e-3eb004de33bc.log (213.3 KB)

Most likely you were about to join a match that was still going, but the players died and lost the mission while you were in the loading screen.

Yup, BUT its annoingly often. I just tired of that. Again - its not a single match problem, its happens 3-5 times per 4-5 hours of play.

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I will load screenshot in this topic everytime i have instantdefeat

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so i dont have this problem 4 days! because i go level up zealot. After reach level 30 i go to heresy and cabooom - instadefeat returns