Getting dropped while trying to join every other match

Issue Description:
the issue is that very often as i am trying to load into any form of a match, it will drop and i will have to instantly go to try to reconnect usually twice now a days and worse is that it takes a rediculously long time to load into the game again each time which is starting to make the game a bit unplayable if you arent prepared for 15 minutes between loading into matchs even tho you can find a match instantly.

Crash Report (If Applicable):
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Error Displayed (If Applicable):
its a reconnect error something another and when it happens again i will come back here and edit it to add the code it says
edit: error code 2014

Steps to Reproduce:
simply attempt to load into matches

Mission Name (If Applicable):

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
any time of day and I am in the west coast

Reproduction Rate:
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Upload Supporting Evidence:
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Please could you upload your most recent console logs? :slight_smile: I can then share this with our Backend Engineers.

how do i do that?

edit: nvm sorry i missed the exact thing that said how to do it with i think this is my most recent log from yesterday and at least is the largest of them meaning i hope it has the log of the error since i know i happened more than a few times yesterday.

console-2023-07-18-23.17.40-eb437a8e-63d4-4cfd-95d7-b219486000f5.log (2.5 MB)

Thank you for the log. It does seem to be truncated unfortunately, which sometimes happens when the Darktide client is killed suddenly, and other times for unknown reasons! Could you try uploading some others, please? :slight_smile:

ill upload one the next time it happens as i play and edit this post with it

console-2023-07-23-08.11.16-6f18a12e-761f-4f26-b44b-7db537116819.log (103.8 KB)

this is a screen shot as well depicting what i see when i get the message

Thank you for the log, I’ve raised this to our database for our Backend Engineers to review. I’m not sure when this will happen unfortunately, so I’m happy to help with a refund should you rather take that option.

i like the game enough that i will play through the bugs like this and just hope it does get resolved since 2 weeks later and it is still occuring.

I have been having an astronomical amount of 2014 and 2001 disconnects mid game. Sometimes 3-4 times per game. It is definitely not normal.