Insane lags if Tobii Eye Tracker 4C is plugged in and moving

When the eye tracker is active I get insane lags (doesn’t matter if the actual tracking ingame is enabled or not, but if I disable it from the Tobii control panel the lagging stops).

I have 9900k and RTX 2070, soo… I normally run the game at 144fps+, but with the eye tracker enabled AND looking around (with the mouse ofc) the fps drop to 40 or even 20 or lower for a moment!

If I just stand still or move in a straight line, while not adjusting the view, fps stay at a stable 144+ (capped).

Curious, I’ve seen the option for the eye tracker in the options. I’ve only ever seen it used to make funny videos on youtube. What exactly does it do in game?

And have you tried switching to DX11?

I am on DX11. I don’t think it’s graphics related anyway.

You can use it to shoot at tartets you look at as mage. You just look at them… and they burn! :3

Also if you look at the edges of your screen the camera pans so you get a larger field of view. Though that’s mostly useless in a game like this where I’m turning 24/7 anyway.


Thank you for reporting, we’ll look in to this. In the mean time I would recommend playing with it disabled to avoid the drop in performance, apologies for the inconvenience.

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