Indignatus Crusher Heavy Attacks Cancelling

Not sure what the correct terminology or approach would be here. But could you please make Zealot’s crusher be less likely to cancel their heavy attacks?

I don’t have too much of a problem with Heavy 1 but occasionally I do end up performing a light attack instead.

Most of the issue I have is with Heavy Attack 2 performing a light attack instead. The visual cue is slow. I can swing the weapon before my arm even shows up on the screen. If I do see my arm that’s because I’ve been charging it for almost the full 2 seconds.

I’ve not had any issues with other melee weapons. With other weapons, after say 0.3 second of charging the heavy attack even if I let go of the button my character will still perform the heavy attack. With the crusher, it feels like 0.5 second? Something longer.

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