Crushers Heavy Attack Aimbot

Issue Description:
Crushers sometimes Pivot drastically in the middle of a downswing (heavy attack) and hit players even if you dodge to the left or the right. ( I do not know if this is intended behavior or a bug, I asked around discord and nobody seemed to know, It just feels like its very unfair as crushers one shot some classes and their heavy attack cannot be blocked, only dodged.)

Steps to Reproduce:
This seems to happen almost 100% of the time you dodge to the left or right while a crusher is in the middle of a heavy attack and your dodge puts you out of their line of sight. (Ex: if you are standing at a T intersection and dodge the attack right next to the wall to the right or left)

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
2:00am EST

Reproduction Rate:
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the dodge timing is small, when crusher lift its mace wait until the swing animation past its head then u dodge.

if u dodge too early then it will swing at ur dodge location. pay attention to the que sound when it lift the mace.

i got rekt multiple time too lol.

Also something to note: its still unblockable.

yes i am aware they will change direction if they haven’t already begun to downswing but I’m talking within a quarter of a second of dodging getting one shot from around a corner here. that tiny amount of time means they definitely were already mid downswing and should not, to my knowledge, rotate, especially not instantly rotate. maybe I did not describe it well enough.

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I’ve noticed this too, wasn’t sure if it was lag or another issue.

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