Increased radius of "Aura" skills

At this time, the “aura” skills that certain characters have (foot knight, handmaiden, huntsman etc) are just too limited in their radius to really be useful. Anytime you’re that close to each other is… rare. Even in a well coordinated team. And many times being that close is not only rare, it’s also incredibly sub-optimal and/or outright dangerous.

Now I’m not saying they need to be massively bigger than they are at the moment, but increasing their radius would make them something to actually care about rather than more of a “oh well it’s nice in those very few situations where we’re that close… I guess”, type of thing.

I would say that making the radius twice what it is now would probably be about right. But maybe even 1.5x what it is now would be enough (though I kind of doubt that).
That would at least allow your party to remain “close but not too far” and still get the buffs, without having to essentially sit on top of you to get the buffs.


Yeah, I would agree. It seems great to have team buffs to promote the use of classes, but they’re a bit limited by their range to more niche situations.

Agreed, I would guesstimate to double the range.

Yeah, I pretty much agree. I do think it’s part of good playing to stay in range of most of the party’s auras, but the range itself may be a bit too little. There needs to be a lot of care to be taken if it is to be increased, as it easily slips to being a bit too much. Even without any auras, you want to stay close, but not too close to each other. The aura ranges do hit that optimal distance - if the one with the aura is pretty exactly in the middle of the group. And as everyone usually moves somewhat, people move in and out of the aura distance. That makes the aura bonus somewhat unreliable. Adding 20-50% to the aura range would already help a lot, and wouldn’t likely make it so that the auras could just as well be always effective. Doubling the distance would be too much, I think, and wouldn’t encourage staying together enough anymore.

I see no reason why they should not just apply to the whole team no matter where they are. You are going to get screwd if you split up too much anyway.

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I’d say somewhere between 50% and 100% range would be okay. It seems to be around 5ish meters around the character, and the bonus they provide hardly warrants staying this close together all the time. Also: Why does Merc Kruber not have an attack speed aura? This whole aura-thing his present on Kruber’s other two carreers, one more prominent, one as a side-grade.


I think Merc krubers attack speed buff is pretty strong when triggered. Having it on all the time would be a bit much. But maybe have a 10% attack speed aura and then he can trigger another 10% buff when hitting 3 or more enemies. It’s currently a 20% buff when hitting 3 or more enemies right?

The handmaidens buff is pretty good. Even with only 3 stamina, I can effectively permanently stagger lock a horde with 2 cleaves and then a push. By the time you do the 2 attacks, you’ve restored your stamina again.

FK buff I’m not sure about. I normally take the extra stamina buff instead of more defense. Not even sure how much defense his aura even gives. Is it 5%, and then 5% again with the talent?

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It’s 10% when hitting 3 enemies currently, so that would essentially double it.

As to the radius size currently, if you stand on one side of the way of shadows bubble, it almost reaches to the other side of the bubble right now. Making that twice the current size I feel would probably be a much better range. you still have to stay close, but at least have a tiny bit of leeway, unlike now.

I don’t necessarily think that the auras should be an always on kind of thing as Guziol suggested, as that does not promote the same “stick together” attitude that the auras would provide if they were a bit more ranged than they are now.

Ah, well then, 5% always on, and a 5% for hitting 3 or more enemies.

And yea, increase the radius a bit more. It seems far too small when things get hectic. When dealing with a patrol or boss, you are nearly always outside of the trigger radius for it right now. Staying inside the trigger radius as it is currently implement pretty much means you are gonna all get hit with Executioners swings or stromvermin heavy attacks. Not to mention bosses xD

Right now Paced Strikes has no range limit, as it’s not part of the aura. If you shifted it to being part of the aura you would worsen the benefit. You can be anywhere on the entire map and still receive the Paced Strikes benefit.

agree that its rare to trigger aura bonuses from allies during combat. only time when i see them getting triggered are when the entire team is getting the clustered hp packs or ammo crates

I don’t see a reason why you should seperate from your team and benefit from it.
I don’t get why your team members should get buffs for playing on the same map as you.

Sorry, but WoW is 13€ a month.

in a tactical sense when you are killing hordes especially in champion/legend difficulties, you have all sorts of blue spawns, sometimes chaos and shielded enemies. its illogical for everyone to be hudled tight. atmost 2x melee forming a 180 degree focus killing hordes of which the melee class better suited for armored/chaos focus on them. while the rangers look for line of sight to kill blues. in all these cases the aura buff does not trigger cause its way too close a range. The usual scenario for aura trigger would be in recruit/veteran…dive thru all hordes spamming lclick.

I hope you have actual knowledge and experience of aura trigger on combat before your sassy comment.

yea, I know lol. I’ve had it trigger before using the bolt staff on Sienna and overcharged lol. Wasn’t expecting the speed buff and I was cutting my heat management really close.

None the less, the current aura for all classes seems to be around 5 meters. Upgrade it to 10 meters and I wouldn’t mind if his paced strikes went to an aura. Having a 5% buff all the time and then a further 5% when hitting 3 or more would be an upgrade in my opinion.

It seems to me like we’ve got overwhelming agreement that the current ranges are too small and need to be increased, and the majority seem to think that double the current range would work a lot better, without being too much (with a few thinking slightly smaller than that would be great).

Excellent! I kind of expected a positive response to this as I’ve never seen anyone that thought the current range was enough, but I didn’t necessarily think everyone would agree this much on the specifics I suggested. Hopefully Fatshark takes some of this into consideration and increases the radii of the auras at some point so they’re a little more useful…

Thank you all for providing valid points and constructive criticism. Feel free to continue to do so!

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