Career "Aura" Improvement

Currently there are 3 career’s with aura’s FootKnight, Huntsman and Handmaiden

However too activate these aura’s for your teammates they practically need to stand on top of you. I feel like it would be more effective, and actually function as a aura if the size was increased by quite a considerable amount.

If this would be the case, i feel like more people would bring along a Footknight or a handmaiden for the aura buffs


Yeah the aura radius is abysmal, you pretty much have to stand inside teammates for them to work.

Increasing the aura range would definitely make the auras actually matter alot more for team composition.

Bringing a footknight for example would make squishy careers life a bit easier, since it’d let them take more of a beating. Pairing a handmaiden with a push spammer would also be quite useful. The Huntsmans 5% crit boost aura is pretty minor, but would still help with everyones damage output.


Its not that you have to be always in that aura, you need to count (aura provider) that sometimes just running to your teammates for aura is more important than just killing some trash.

I agree, the aura range needs to be larger and there needs to be a buffer period, where you can step out of the aura and if you return within 2 seconds (or however long) you don’t lose the buff.


Aura radius doubled, hm aura nerfed to 40-50% stam regen

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Given that Huntsman has legit reasons to stand a bit behind the crew, and Foot Knight and Handmaiden have good reasons to be a bit forward, I really dont get these short aura range limitations. Certainly not while Mercenary´s paced strikes and especially Waystalker´s group HP regen have unlimited range - the letter even works when the Waystalker is dead.


Right now auras are in position I dont reaaly care for them. They bring nothing to gameplay.
I am literally not even thinking to stay closer together cause of auras. It doesnt matter how close you stay in a game, where supposed to be moving constantly, auras will not work. Bring them up via radius increase, so they can be at least reason to stay together. Nerf HM aura cause 100% stam regen for everyone would be broken af. Try 40-50

Just make it apply globally as long as the person is alive so these careers aren’t complete dumpster fires compared to their other career alternatives seeing as they really have nothing else special going on.

Still have no idea what the aura radius is. Is it a secret?

I was showing this off on stream the other day. Pretty sure Bill Hook has a larger range than HM Aura.


It is very short. Tested it out in the beginning of War Camp with some friends, it’s about the space of one character model.

-Footknight did not move.
-Bardin stood directly in front of him, received passive.
-I stood directly in front of bardin, no passive.

So, yeah, the auras are a joke and you basically have to stand on top of each other to get it.


It isn’t exactly a secret, but it isn’t stated or shown anywhere in-game.

@Rat_Lives_Matter’s test seems to imply it’s even shorter than I remember, or that it’s changed, but according to my experience and memory, the aura ranges are about the size of the Bridge of Shadows bubble. So good enough to work if you’re closely packed (and in many situations, that’d be too close), but small enough that you’ll easily wander outside the area, and really have to stick together to receive the benefits constantly.

To effectively test the ranges yourself: One player stands at a certain point (most likely in the Keep), another moves slowly around. The one receiving the aura buff checks the distance where the aura buff marker disappears and reappears (and as such, it’s easier if they’re the one moving).

Their invisibility is actually the most annoying thing about the auras to me - especially in combat it’s hard to judge distances so that you could even estimate whether you’re in the AoE or not. I wouldn’t really be adverse to a slight (maybe 10-20%) radius increase, but helping us see where the auras extend - even only in Keep - would help learning them immensely.

If the radius were increased any more than that, I think the “aura” quality would turn irrelevant and they might as well be universal buffs - in which case they’d need other balancing factors (and that might in turn turn them irrelevant power-wise).

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I think keeping the aura radius small to medium is a fair price for the aura and is actually there to enforce a bit better teamplay. But yea, it may be a bit to tight currently. Honestly, we don’t need the stupidity of the Waywatcher’s healing ability which is not only global but even works when dead but an increase would certainly be fair.

Also, I would suggest a more gradual decline instead of a cut-off. So the first 5 meter you get the full aura bonus and afterwards it drops by 20 % per m.