Extend the range of Auras

Ist ridiculous how short the range is, you basically have to cling to the specific person to get the benefits of the aura and that is not happening 99% of the times. The players are always in movement, even a simple dodge is enough to get out of the aura range. The average distance of Players to one another is always way higher than even somewhat in the reach of an aura. Fatshark cant expect, that we all move together in perfect synchro and with the closest possible distance, which is basically a group hug.

The range has to be widen immensely. I would say as minimum a radius like, the aura centre being the chest platform in the Keep, up to the stairs leading to the bridge of shadows.

I won´t extend the aura that much. I´ve got another idea:

Let´s say you stay next to Kruber and get his aura. You dodge out of it for some reason.
You´ll get a “time-based” buff now. Let´s say you still have got this passiv for the next 10s. If you join into the range again, it´ll get a reset.

The aura range have to be “endless” to be useful in any way for your party members. But with some time-buffs, that should be much better and still balanced. Just get near Kruber every 10s and the team possible will stay better together AND can fight with no disadvantage.


The range being endless would do more harm than good, in my opinion. The auras itself are pretty strong, when synergized with your build. For example, with a zealot crit chance build and in range of the huntsman aura, you could basically spam your crits.

Having an endless range, would be too powerfull. A smaller range, like my example, would at least favour players who stick together in a somewhat reasonable way.

I think you missunderstand what i wrote.

It was just an explanation, that it have to be endless to be useful, not that i want it.
That´s why i would prefer a short buff, after you left the aura-zone for some reason infight.

it’s funny cos whenever i see ‘aura’ in abilities, to me it reads as ‘self-buff’ heh

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