Incorrect barrel count shown by the UI in Empire in Flames

Issue Summary: While playing as a client in Empire in Flames, in the part where you load a cart with black powder barrels, I’ve noticed that the barrel count shown by the UI did not reflect the actual number of barrels in the cart. See attached screenshots. Notice that it says “2/3 load the cart with black powder” and that there’s a marker to pick up a cart, but the cart already has 3 barrels.

We’ve been able to finish the mission, but that is weird. I was actually trying to bring a barrel to the cart before I’ve noticed that there were already 3 barrels.

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100% reproduced by throwing in the barrel before you actually reach the cart and update the objective to ‘gather barrels’.

Same visual bug occurs by shooting a buboe before reaching the specific buboe’s room in Festering Ground.

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