Empire in Flames Barrel Event (Powder barrels no longer spawn)

I was playing Empire in Flames (legend, quick play) with friends when we encountered a bug by accident during the final event. It appears that if you pick one of the powder barrels leading up to the event area and place it inside the cart once the event starts, no new barrels spawn if one of the 3 available ones explode.
Basically what happened was: we placed one of the barrels (you can get them from the stairs after the basement and leading up to the event area). Two other barrels that spawn once the event starts exploded during our fight, we placed the remaining one inside the cart and no new barrels spawned. Therefore, we couldn’t finish the event (push the cart) and end the map. I’m not sure if this bug is related to the barrel outside the event or to the event itself.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    -Empire in flames mission, pick up one of the powder barrels before the Explode the manor event and place it inside the cart. If any of the powder barrels that spawn during the event explode and you have placed one powder barrel outside the event inside the cart, it seems to bug and no new barrels spawn.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    -Once after the release of Outcast Engineer, patch 3.4.

  • Screenshots and/or video evidence

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