Barrels After Patch 3.4

Hi! I’m not entirely sure if it’s a bug or just not mentioned change, but I’m gonna report it anyway.
Types of barrels with fixed guaranteed spawn location were switched.
Here are some examples if that doesn’t sound clear.
Skittergate. There always have been two lamp oil barrels right at the beginning of Norscian part of the map. Now they’re explosive ones.

Skittergate again. It’s lamp oil now instead of explosive barrel.

Empire in Flames. It’s filled with lamp oil barrels now. Barrels, necessary for the challenge, remained the same, however.

Screaming Bell. Explosive barrel near the final bell event turned into lamp oil.

Screaming Bell again. Lamp oil of square turned into explosive barrel.

etc. Pretty much every single barrel was inverted.


That will make the challenge EiF impossible…

Actually, no. Three barrels (first one at the very beginning, second one at backyard of house with ladder, third one in one one of small houses near 2nd grim area) were untouched. Plus, there were extra lamp oil barrels before, now they’re explosive ones. It’s still possible.

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All those mixed up barrel spawns don’t look like they’re intended. But I really hope for those in Empire in Flames to stay like that. Ever since the three fixed barrel spawn locations popped up close to the event, the Powder Monkey challenge has been trivialized. Having to carry all three of them through most of the mission required a decent amount of work and coordination.

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