Empire In Flames third barrel bot bug

There is a bug where on last barrel in the basement when bots go there they get stuck on stairs going up, they refuse to tp.

Ultimately mostly losing the runs this way.

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  1. Collect extra barrel

Spawn locations to check

1st house

2nd house


Throw barrel over the wall

  1. ???

  2. Profit

What, i mean that bots get bugged and refuse to move.

Aren’t those lamp oil (fire) barrels? Those won’t count as valid barrels in the cart. You need explosive barrels. There are only 3 explosive barrels outside of the cart event and they spawn in fixed places.

This is because there is an Okri’s Challenge in Empire in Flames to not use any of the event-spawned explosive barrels, requiring the team to carry an explosive barrel from the start.

Only the last barrel is in your post.

guys im not talking about the challenge. Im talking about the bots getting stuck on a pixel, they dont teleport, nor move.

  1. @fjelly I know what you mean, but this way you can skip the barrel in the basement. “Ultimately mostly losing the runs this way.” No need to lose because of that.
  • Bots get stuck everywhere in this game, it’s just part of the game.
  • I see too damn many people charging in the basement(and dying most of the time), even when i’m carrying extra barrel.
  • Just here to spread some knowledge.
  1. @hollerbach Yes you need explosive barrel for it, but explosive barrels can spawn in any of these locations where you see fire barrels.
  • There are more than 3 explosive barrels in the map
  • Those 3 are just quaranteed on legend and cataclysm, but those don’t spawn on champion, veteran and recruit. (I don’t know on what difficulty OP is playing)
  • I know atleast dozen diffrent spawns for explosive barrels, but not going to post them all here

These are quaranteed on legend & cata:

“2nd house” on my original post also is part of this.

Here are the same spots on champion:

ah i see, well i figured out how to make it work, just going in basement stick to the wall and they dont bug.

IIRC, this was changed back in Nov. 2020, Patch 3.4 (Outcast Engineer patch) (as discussed by commenters here: Barrels After Patch 3.4). After that patch, (on Legend+) I’ve never seen an explosive barrel spawn in the market area and on the ground floor of one of the houses just before the market area. All barrel spawns in those areas (or in all of the map) have been made fixed. I believe this was to make the challenge less trivial and not have three explosive barrels spawn near the cart event.

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