In-game FPS limit doesn't applies unpon restart

Issue Description:
In-game FPS limit keep value but doesn’t applies it on restart. When you set a FPS limit through the menu for example 60 it applies (seeing actual the fps with my monitor). But upon restarting even if the value is on the menu the limit doesn’t applies. My monitor displays a higher value.

Steps to Reproduce:

0.Start game
1.Set not FPS limit.
2.Save settings and leave game.
3.Start game
3.Set FPS limit 60
4.Save settings and check FPS is actual 60.
5.Leave game.
6.Start game check FPS (menu is 60 but it’s more)


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/25/2022 10:40 AM CET

Reproduction Rate:


Still happening on the latest patch

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