BUG: Settings not effective after restart

I no longer see a “report bug” button on the launcher, so let´s try this.
Version: 1.0.8

Expected behavior:
After setting max fps to 120, fps should not go over 120. Users have reported other settings (mouse sensitivity, fsr2.0 and others that may be affected. Suspecting general issue).

Actual behavior:
FPS will be shown as 120 in settings and will limit the fps to the expected value. After quitting and restarting the game, the fps will be unlimited again. Settings still show 120.
EDIT: Gnaaaa… Even entering a game will unlock the fps again…

Step to reproduce:

  • limit fps to 120 in settings
  • observe fps limit working
  • quit game
  • start game from launcher
  • observe fps above limit

Setting the fps to unlimited and setting them to 120fps again will limit them for the session.

For fps setting low. Other settings not getting applied may have significant performance impact and may explain inconsistent performance behavior especially when trying out new graphics settings.