Illusions applied to a lv 5 weapons slot (PS4)

Im not sure if you’re supposed to be able to do this.

Applying an illusion to a lv 5 weapon slot, to then crafting that weapon with the illusion that you have applied. The weapon is crafted but the illusion is not.

Example: Victor Saltzpyre
Applied a red (rare) axe skin to the lv 5 un-crafted axe slot> illusion icon is visible on the lv 5 un-crafted axe slot (indefinitely)> craft the axe weapon with the applied illusion> crafts the item without the skin.

I’ve explained the best i can. I hope this makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%)

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When you craft from the blueprint (the level 5 items you can’t get rid of) it’s craft a random weapon that either have or doesn’t have an illusion. The same goes for rarity. The weapon can be of white/green/blue/orange rarity, but never red. Power level is also randomized but close to your maximum weapon power level.

Well you can use them to check some illusions out if you like me removed all other trash.
Other than that it doesn’t change anything as illusions are just cosmetic.
Somebody else also reported that once you applied an illusion to them you won’t ever be able to get their uniquely “stock” named worthless illusion back.

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