If sword of "Mace and Sword" be looks like "Katzbalger", or "Cinquedea", then it would be a lot better than current one

Examples of Katzbalger:

The two of images above there is from here

Examples of Cinquedea:

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I mean they both look nice but if you really want the devs to redesign the look of a weapon at least explain why these are more appropriate. How would it be “a lot better”?


To be fair, the M+S sword looks a bit like a sharpened piece of bar stock. It really just doesn’t have that “sword” vibe to it. Too blocky.

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I mean they’re never gonna redesign the base look of a weapon, at most they’ll add an illusion that fits that look

Its mace head is YET ANOTHER only 4 side one. I think there’s a reason why most of the head of maces or clubs in real life or just in design has at least has 7 of flanges or round head.

And its sword has typical “toy sword” shape.

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Kruber is a Germanic mercenary, give him an illusion similar to the side arm of the German mercenary. I’d pay another couple of quid for a slough of new illusions

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Yeah, the Empire of Man is basically a Holy Roman Empire. Which is Late Medieval/Renaissance German.

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