If Mercenary Kruber stands like this

… and also attacks from this position…

shouldt his armor be on his right side? The side that is facing the enemy?

As is with Saltzpyre?

Yyyes, but his left arm is also his Shield arm, which will be taking most of the enemy attacks when using a shield, so that’s probably why he needs the shoulder pad there.

But when he has a shield, the shield is effectively his armor. When his left side is protected by a shield, his right side is still more vulnerable and would benefit more from armor than his shielded left.

Also, I thought Kruber´s default weapon was the halberd, so shouldnt his armor match that? As does Saltzpyres armor match his rapier fencing style.

At least hes doing it right on the Hero Select screen.

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its only with spear that he using it left handed

I´m not sure if I would call that “left handed”. I´m right handed myself, and when I use a polearm in mock battles, I also do that right leg forward. It feels more natural to have my right hand be forward on the pole.

its only with spear that he using it left handed

That is not correct. He uses the halberd the same way.
He does stand left leg forward with two handed swords, though. Which is the same stance that I would use.


think youll find how they attack is by violently headbutting pivoting from the hips or thats how I see other players fighting :smiley: